Special issue is an attempt to capture a fact that science of today is technology of tomorrow. Through different spectrums of topic which are in the scope of journal, it provides new and unique analysis of various aspects of the field with in the topics covered under the journal.

Heighpubs special issue of journal publishes papers focussing on a specific theme. The themes covered are generally the latest avenues of research work. An author proposing special issue for a journal gets an opportunity to become a lead guest editor. To avail this opportunity researchers, academicians and medical practitioners propose special issue for a journal in the areas of new advancing field of science with immense potential to be the future technology.


A special issue serves purposes such as:

  1. Papers are collected at one place under a specific theme.
  2. It helps in advancement of a field which is at nascent stage by increasing its visibility.
  3. It provides a focussed review process and hassle free publication for a high quality research work.
  4. It helps academicians to develop clarity on a subject and advances their knowledge.

Gains from Special Issue

A special issue is a key component of journal content. It focuses on emerging areas of a discipline under the scope of journal. The key benefits of special issue are:

  1. Articles published in special issues gets more citations thus raising awareness about topics in the journal.
  2. It gives an opportunity to new authors to participate and submit their work.
  3. It helps the journal to build new group of readers and subscribers.
  4. The reach for ‘call for papers’ increases tremendously.
  5. It allows to experiment with unusual topics and increases innovation in publishing.
  6. Provides a strong platform to authors to develop new research proposals.
  7. Scope of journal is broadened as special issue incorporates new emerging fields.

Some Nitty-gritty of Special Issue

We invite all the academicians, researchers and medical practitioners to start a special issue within the scope of journal. Please get in touch with Heighpubs and get started with us. You can spread the word about special issue to your colleagues and students. You can encourage your colleagues, experts and readers to put forward their ideas for special issues of a journal. Heighpubs will be instrumental in providing information related to keywords for a topic and citation trends within the discipline.

Things to be kept in mind while selecting a topic for special issue

Following are the key points for selecting a topic for special issue:

  1. Guest editors should note that topic should be within the ambit of aim and scope of the journal.
  2. Topic should have the potential to raise interest amongst primary reader base of the journal.
  3. You should be able to figure out how citation trends for the topic may evolve after publishing.

Lucrative chance to be a guest lead editor

Heighpubs provides lucrative opportunity to authors who have inclination towards publishing special issue to become guest lead editor of that special issue.

Functions of a guest lead editor

The role of guest lead editor revolves around the publication of the special issue. They should be fully committed making special issue project achieve a grand success by devoting longer hours towards the project. The lead guest editor is required to be in constant touch with Heighpubs’s editorial team for latest updates about the project.

The next step

If you have made up your mind to start a journey by publishing a special issue with us, then contact Heighpubs through E-mail or by phone. Our editorial board will keenly discuss all the plans and next steps with you.

Proposing a special issue

We welcomes all the researchers, medical practitioners and academicians to propose a special issue as per their research interests and expertise. We need your support for timely submission and release of the special issue.

The successful evaluation of the special issue proposal entitles the scholar to be designated as Special Issue Editor for that Special Issue Title.

The Special Issue proposal should be in following format:

  1. Name of the journal
  2. Title of the special issue
  3. Broad outline of proposed special issue title
  4. Detail information about guest editors
  5. Last date for submission
  6. Final date of issue release
  7. List of potential authors