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Heighten Science Publication is built on four pillars- People, Publication, Principles and Policies. We name them ‘4P’s of Heighten Science’.

In order to streamline our scholarly publication and to assess the quality quotient of articles being published, we have defined the publication principles and policies under various aspects. The readers, authors, reviewers and editors are suggested to get valuable insight of our publication house through these principles and policies.

  1. Publication Adequacy
  2. Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement
  3. Peer-Review Policy
  4. Disclaimer Policy
  5. Grievances Policy
  6. Research Promotion Policy
  7. Manuscript Transposition Policy

Publication Adequacy

We define publication adequacy as a continuous and rigorous efforts in maintaining and enhancing the standards and quality of our journals. We provide an edge to build strong relationship between authors' interest and readers' trust in the authors.

Heighten Science endorses publication adequacy on the basis of following aspects:

a. Harmony and reliability-

The harmony in publication can be maintained only when the research is sound and carefully executed. Researchers and authors should use appropriate and proven methods of data analysis and should take collective responsibility for their work and for the content of their publications. Researchers should check their publications carefully at all stages to ensure methods and findings are reported accurately.

In order to provide optimum and reliable services, our online articles are freely available under  Creative Commons Attribution License. In perpetual succession, we authenticate and validate all the journals through rigorous peer-review system. 

What is Creative Commons Attribution License?

Creative Commons Attribution License is a tool that helps a creator or licensor to retain the copyright of their work while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work. Creative Commons License also ensures that the licensors get the credit for their work they deserve.

b. Honesty

Researchers are transformational leaders so we expect them to present their research results honestly and without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation. Researchers should strive to describe their methods and to present their findings clearly and unambiguously. They should also ensure that research images should not be modified in a misleading way.

c. Balance

We believe that any new finding always has a direct or indirect relation to ongoing or past researches. Therefore the New findings should be presented in the context of previous research. The work of others should be fairly represented. Scholarly reviews and syntheses of existing research should be complete, balanced, and should include findings regardless of whether they support the submitted manuscripts.

d. Originality

Authors and researchers should adhere to publication requirements that submitted work is original and has not been published elsewhere in any language. Work should not be submitted concurrently to more than one publication unless the editors have agreed to co-publication. If articles are co-published this fact should be made clear to readers. Relevant previous work and publications, both by other researchers and the authors' own, should be properly acknowledged and referenced. The primary literature should be cited where possible.

e. Authorship acknowledgement

The manuscripts submitted not only reflect a record what has been discovered but also who has made this discovery. Therefore, the authorship of research publications should accurately reflect individuals' contributions to the work and its reporting. We expect the journals editors to publish and promote accepted authorship criteria appropriate to their field; however they cannot be expected to adjudicate in authorship disputes.

f. Conventions

Authors should follow our requirements that work is not submitted to more than one publication for consideration at the same time. Authors should inform the editor if they withdraw their work from review, or choose not to respond to reviewer comments after receiving a conditional acceptance. Authors should respond to reviewers' comments in a professional and timely manner and should respect our requests for press embargos.

Publication ethics and Malpractice Statement

Heighten Science Publication ethics and malpractice statement is mainly based on Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines. In order to adhere to the mission of nondiscriminatory publication, Heighten Science Publication feels its duty to follow the guidelines provided by COPE. We also expect the same from the authors, editors and reviewers. We have summarized the expected ethical duties under following facets:

Editors' ethical duties

  • Unbiased Publication decisions- The editors will be responsible for evaluating the quality quotient of the articles submitted for publication in any of the journals. The editors should ensure that the articles are evaluated for the content and not for the authors name, race, gender, religious belief, origin and citizenship.
  • Abiding to the law- The editors must be well-versed with the policies of Heighten Science Publication editorial boards and the changes incorporated therein according to the prevailing legal requirements regarding copyright issues, plagiarism and defamation.
  • Maintaining Secrecy- The editors are expected not to disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author(s), reviewers and other concerned members of the editorial board.
  • Providing constructive feedback- The editors are expected to provide constructive feedback to the authors in order to enhance the quality of the articles and to boost up the research process in the respective field.
  • Reviewers' ethical duties

    1. Assisting editors in Peer Review Process- Reviewers’ are expected to promptly assist the editors in peer review and in communication with the authors for improving the quality of the manuscripts.
    2. Managing time and workload- The reviewers should ensure that they complete the review process within stipulated time so that manuscripts are processed and reach the publication stage on fast track basis. The consistency in publication will also enforce a feeling of trust among the authors.
    3. Maintaining secrecy- The reviewers’ should maintain the privacy of the manuscripts during and after the review process and should discuss about the manuscripts only with the authorized editor(s).
    4. Identifying and evaluating resources- The reviewers’ are expected to identify and evaluate the resources cited by the authors. They should report to the authorized editors about any plagiarism or any significant similarity or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and any other published or unpublished paper(s).
    5. Providing constructive and unbiased feedbacks- The reviewers’ are expected to ensure that while providing feedbacks to the authors, the language used is appropriate and should not include any personal criticism or objectionable content.

    Authors' ethical duties

    1. Honest and original research- The authors are the base of any publication. We expect that our authors present accurate, original and objective research in the form of manuscripts. The manuscripts should contain sufficient detail and references to permit others to replicate the work.
    2. Retaining data- The authors are expected to preserve the raw data and any other valuable information related to the research. The editorial board may review the raw data in relation to the manuscript under publication consideration.  
    3. Avoiding parallel publication- The authors are advised not to publish manuscripts related to the same research in more than one at the same time. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one Journal or publication will be considered as unethical. Such behavior is convicting and unacceptable.
    4. Proper citation- The authors are expected to cite properly the publications that have been influential in determining the nature of the reported work.
    5. Reporting errors- The authors are expected to notify the editors or publisher any inaccuracy or error in the submitted manuscript immediately. It is the responsibility of the authors to promptly notify editors about the errors and cooperate with them to withdraw or correct the submitted manuscript.

    Peer Review Process and System

    Heighten Science belief

    Heighten Science believes in probity and rectitude of Peer Review Process and System, thence our every journal commence with following substantial recitation:

    ‘All the articles in this journal have undergone meticulous and systematic peer review process, based on initial editing of chief editor, anonymous reviews, consistent revision of the authors for quality quotient and a brainstorming session of editorial board on the value of the article for world-wide communities.’

    Introduction to Peer Review Process and System

    Peer review is a proven system to assess the quality of research and its presentation, prior to publication. Anonymous and efficient reviewers and editors with immense experience in the related field scrutinize the submitted manuscripts. The validity and originality of the manuscripts are judged on different levels of evaluation. The main aim is to publish an article which can be breakthrough in its area of study.

    According to a survey more than 1.5 million scholarly articles in different academic streams are published each year, therefore Peer review becomes a prominent tool to select which research should be brought to the attention of other researchers. It also gives authors feedback to improve the quality of their research papers before publication. The peer review system judges the validity, significance and originality of the work, rather than who has done it.

    Functionality of Peer Review Process and system

    The peer review process is based on three entities- The authors, the chief-editors & editors and the reviewers.

    The authors are those who research and write a manuscript. He/she is a person or group of persons who gives existence to anything which is original and can be a gem to a scholarly journal.

    The chief-editors and editors are those who do the initial and final screening of the submitted paper. When an author submits the paper, the chief editors take the responsibility to check the overall fit of the manuscript to the related journal. This includes checking the format and length, clarity of the discussion and research methods used for developing the manuscript.

    The reviewers are those who provide expert opinion and advice on the quality quotient of the manuscript. Reviewers are subject experts who are anonymous and may be voluntary. They help the chief editor to take a decision on the publication related aspects of the submitted manuscript. They are in continuous interaction with the editors and provide assessment and recommendation to the handling editor in relation to the manuscript.

    Presentiment of Open Access process and system

    According to a survey:

    Presentiment of Open Access process and system

    Peer Review Process Judiciously with this Flow Chart

    Disclaimer Policy

    Heighten Science Publications Corporation has formulated certain terms and conditions that set out a clear vision of our honest services. Our policies work in direction of rights and obligations of authors/editors/readers and in relation to the website contents. Heighten Science Publications Corporation website content includes all text, graphics and images that appear on the Site. This will also include the design, look and feel of the Site itself. You agree to the following terms and conditions, every time you access any part of Heighten Science Publications Corporation website or make use of any of the Heighten Science Publications Corporation content:

    1. Heighten Science Publications Corporation may change Web interface or conditions of website usage at any time without prior information. It is authors/editors/readers responsibility to check for changed web conditions, in case any change is incorporated. If you access and use the website after incorporation of changed setting, it will be treated that you have accepted the changed setting of the website.
    2. Although Heighten Science Publication’s team makes every effort to evaluate and maintain the accuracy of information of the submitted manuscripts, it is possible that the manuscript contents may not be accurate and complete. As we provide open-access so you are advised to recheck the accuracy of the content of the manuscript from different sources prior to using the content.
    3. Heighten Science Publications Corporation website may be displaying the links or contents of third party websites. Hereby Heighten Science Publications Corporation declares that third party is independent and Heighten Science Publications Corporation cannot be held responsible for their contents.
    4. You are responsible for ensuring that your instructions and any other information you give to us are accurate and complete. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage you suffer if they are in any way inaccurate or incomplete and in this case our records will be the final and conclusive evidence. 
    5. Heighten Science Publications Corporation works with open-access paradigm and allows you to view, print, download or store manuscripts from the website for your own personal reference or for the purpose of applying to us to access or use journals and other services featured on the website.
    6. Heighten Science Publications Corporation do not guarantee the speed with which you will be able to access and use the website because it will depend upon factors such as the specification of your equipment and the number of people using the website.
    7. Heighten Science Publications Corporation is committed to initiate different measures to keep the website free from viruses and corrupt files but we do not warrant that the Site is free from infection by viruses or anything else with contaminating or destructive properties. We recommend that you should virus- check all information sent to you by us.
    8. Heighten Science Publications Corporation shall not be liable for any errors or delay in the publication of manuscripts, if this is due to any incident beyond our control. This will include, but not limited to following aspects:
      • Fire, flood, explosion, act of God, Governmental act;
      • Failure of any power supply, machine
      • Failure of any data processing system, data transmission link, or telephone link etc.

    Grievances Policy

    Heighten Science defines grievances as 'a communication of dissatisfaction disrespect to its justification'.

    Heighten Science is bond to provide quality and fair publication procedure and high standard of service to its authors, editors, readers and whoever is related to us directly or indirectly.

    If someone is unhappy with any functionality or procedure of Heighten Science Publications Corporation, he/she is requested to contact our team. We assure you that prompt and appropriate action will be taken to resolve the issues. Your grievances are our guiding path to concentrate in the areas of improvement.

    For any complaint/issues please contact at: E-mail:

    Research Promotion Policy

    Heighten Science Publications Corporation estimates that more than a million manuscripts are published worldwide per year. In this scenario, we perceive that the rigorous research works of the authors requires more attention than only publication of the manuscript. For this purpose, Heighten Science has formulated a research promotion policy for every manuscript it publishes. Heighten Science research promotion policy surprises the authors at how far and wide their research can go. We also helps the authors to dig- out their previous research and share again time after it was first published and shared on social networks. This gives the authors researches a new online attention and popularity.

    The authors are suggested to undergo following aspects to understand how Heighten Science Publications Corporation's research promotion policy makes their manuscript stand out in the mass.

    1. Heighten Science has formulated a dedicated virtual forum for a huge leap of interest in the manuscripts published. We have a dedicated team whose work is to promote published manuscript in worldwide intellectual community via social media so that our authors get universal recognition.
    2. Heighten Science works with the idea of successful sharing of the manuscripts among the readers. This includes a customized social media share widget, so readers can share published manuscripts with a single click.
    3. The share widget sent by Heighten Science Publications Corporation helps the authors to invite colleagues and peers to access their articles. Readers who click on the Share widget are taken directly to the author’s manuscript, without any hazels of sign-up or registration.
    4. Heighten Science also ensures that a PDF version of published manuscript is posted to different eminent authors and individuals available in our database of the related field.
    5. Heighten Science also facilitates the authors to advise how they wish to promote their scholarly research such as in a conference, in a workshop or for classroom teaching etc.
    6. Heighten Science ensures that the corresponding author receives a request form for hard copy as soon as the submitted manuscript is published. When the author returns the request form, it takes around 60 days to deliver the hard copy of the manuscript, depending on the prevalent postal services of the region. 
    7. Heighten Science provides the facility for the authors to measure the impact factor of the manuscript by using Research Dashboard option on the website.

    Manuscript Transposition Policy

    Heighten Science is always committed to provide consistently upgraded services that can make our authors delighted and save lot of their time so that they can concentrate more on quality researches and developing manuscripts.

    With this vision, Heighten Science Publications Corporation provides the facility for mutual transfer of the manuscripts between our journals. If the manuscript submitted is identified out of scope of the related journal, our team of dedicated editors transfers it to more suitable journals with the consent of the author.

    This service ensures not only saving time for the authors but also ensures publication on the scheduled date. This also prevents the authors from resubmission and a threat of submission of redundant manuscripts.

    However, authors can avail the opportunity of transposition policy only once for a submitted manuscript.

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