Membership notion

Heighten Science Publication strives to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of review, timely publication, quick action on feedbacks and professional behavior.

Here we discuss some of our services that make your manuscript creation and publication unique and worthy process:

Manuscript promotion

Heighten Science understands the importance of your literary work. Therefore we have formulated different ways to promote your manuscript. Assistance to your manuscript in the form of promotion is a critical backbone in the journey of publication.

Setting priorities for the manuscript

The editors of journal manage an online academic community network with an objective to attract readers and new authors so that the manuscripts get appropriate endorsement. We believe that people within the academic community will have a natural access to prospective authors. The world of academia is very hermetic and united therefore a good word from within helps the manuscripts to outperform in the scattering publication scenario.

Direct marketing

Heighten Science Publication has a dedicated team of members who frequently update the researchers, scientists, doctors and individuals about the recent works or manuscripts that has been cited in the journal as well as journal's important achievements and milestones. Our team spends a lot of time and effort in developing a database of the researchers, scientist's doctors and other relevant individuals. We also promote all the published articles and content through free email alerts.

Abstracting and Indexing

We realize that indexing is a backbone in promoting journals. Our dedicated team carefully evaluates the journals and employs best efforts to successfully and timely indexing the journals in appropriate indexing services.

Manuscript Metrics Statistics (MMS)

Manuscript Metrics Statistics (MMS) is an outstanding feature of Heighten Science that provides insights into the impact or reach of a manuscript. This also includes citations, usage, article coverage and discussions in the social media platforms.

We have joined hands with xxxxx, a xxxxx company which tracks and analyzes the online activity surrounding scholarly literature. This enables us to provide detailed statistics on each manuscript coverage and discussions in the media and on blogs. MMS also enables to provide details regarding statistics related to manuscripts views, downloads and indexing sources.

Digital Objective Identifier

Heighten Science Publication facilitates Digital Objective Identifier (DOI) to all the published manuscripts. DOI is an accurate unique identifier for an electronic document used to cite and link the published article electronically. This facility enables researchers or readers to navigate electronically published manuscripts at a citation level irrespective to publisher or journal. The usage of DOI becomes a differentiating factor as just a single click takes the reader to the appropriate content location.

Reprint services

We select every fortnightly some manuscripts for customized reprinting. Customized reprinting is a medium to achieve true value of your manuscript. It offers various benefits such as

  1. Providing physical evidence in the form stature and expert advices
  2. Means of reaching niche segment of the target audience.
  3. Offering validation of your research, development and technology-used
  4. Making the global community aware about the usage and application of your research.

Metadata correction

Heighten Science provides instant notifications to the authors for any updating and correction required in the online articles. If any further research has been made in the area of interest of authors then the addition of updated data creates a significant edge in the value of the manuscript. Further, if any typographical or grammatical error or any other problem is reported which doesn't affect the content of the manuscript however affects the quality quotient of the manuscript, we publish a correction document that is linked with the original article.

If authors wish to alert about a mandatory correction they are requested to contact us with the relevant details such as journal name, full citation of the article and description of the error. Authors can post comments to their articles to note typographical errors, and other problems that do not significantly affect the scientific work.

Manuscript Transfer Agreement

Heighten Science Publication is always committed to provide consistently upgraded services that can make our authors delighted and save lot of their time so that they can concentrate more on quality researches and developing manuscripts.

With this vision, Heighten Science provides the facility for mutual transfer of the manuscripts between our journals. If the manuscript submitted is identified out of scope of the related journal, our team of dedicated editors transfers it to more suitable journals with the consent of the author.

This service ensures not only saving time for the authors but also ensures publication on the scheduled date. This also prevents the authors from resubmission and a threat of submission of redundant manuscripts.

However, authors can avail the opportunity of Heighten Science Publication transposition policy only once for a submitted manuscript.