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  • Biography

    Adaucio Morales
    Calle 52 entre carreras 13c y 14 - Residencias El Pilar - 4to piso - Apartamento 4-3 - Barquisimeto - Estado Lara Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado Venezuela

    I was born in Barquisimeto – Venezuela. UNDERGRADUATE: Medical Surgeon graduated at UCLA - Barquisimeto. POSTGRADUATES: 1) Specialist in Internal Medicine graduated at UCLA. 2) Master in Education mention Superior Education graduated at the Pedagogical University Liberator - Venezuela. 3) Doctor in Medical Sciences graduated at University of Carabobo – Venezuela. POSITION AND EXPERIENCE OF TEACHING AND RESEARCH: Professor and Researcher at the Decanate of Health Sciences - UCLA, attached to the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine. Undergraduate Teaching Experience in the area of primary health care. Postgraduate Teaching Experience: General Epidemiology and Clinical Epidemiology. Experience in Epidemiological Research in the area of cardio-metabolic diseases: obesity, diabetes mellitus II, insulin resistance. Eating disorders, physical activity, etc.

    MEMBERSHIPS: 1) Member of the Public Health Research Unit at UCLA. 2) Member of the Editorial Committee of the Venezuelan Journal of Public Health. 3) Member of the Latin American Society of Nutrition and the Chapter Venezuela. 4) Associate Member of the Venezuelan Society of Internal Medicine. 6) Member of the Innovation and Research Stimulus Program of the National Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation of Venezuela.

    AWARDS AND CONDECORATIONS: 1) Annual Award ""Dr JM Cortes Bastidas"" awarded by the Medical Association of the Lara State - Venezuela to the best scientific work (2016). 2) Research Award ""Lisandro Alvarado"" awarded by UCLA (2015). 3) Order ""Lisandro Alvarado"" in First Class granted by UCLA for 15 years of service in the institution (2014). 4) First Place for the Best Scientific Paper presented at the 11th Annual Meeting of the Venezuela Chapter of the American College of Physicians (2004). 5) First Place for the Best Scientific Paper presented at the First Venezuelan Congress of Diabetology (2002). 6) ""Dr Pablo Valera "" Award to the Best Internal Doctor of the University Hospital"" Dr. Antonio María Pineda""of Barquisimeto (1993 - 1994). 7) Cum Laude of the XXV Promotion of Medical Surgeons of UCLA, occupying the 4th place of the promotion of a total of 221 graduates (1991).