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Special Issue on
Sedentarism and Risk Factors for Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Adaucio Morales
    Calle 52 entre carreras 13c y 14 - Residencias El Pilar - 4to piso - Apartamento 4-3 - Barquisimeto - Estado Lara Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado Venezuela
  • Scope of Title

    Currently, the sedentarism is a habit quite frequent in the adolescent, adult and old population. Such behavior has been increasing in the population of developed countries during the last years, while in developing countries the data that support such affirmation are very scarce. However, the development of the obesity pandemic is an indirect indicator of the low physical activity performed by the population of these countriess. Despite this reality, there is no uniformity in the definition of sedentarism, causing difficulty in evaluating or measuring this phenomenon and difficulty in comparing results between studies. There is evidence that sedentarism could be a risk factor for morbidity and mortality due to type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. It has been shown that this association occurs by mechanisms independent of vigorous to moderate physical activity. The degree to which this association is independent of vigorous to moderate physical activity is unknown. On the other hand, there are possible environmental and genetic factors conditioning sedentary behaviors. There is little evidence of how the environment influences this type of behavior, as well as lack of knowledge about specific loci conditioning sedentary behaviors. There are controversies over which intervention is most appropriate to improve the metabolic risk profile for cardiometabolic diseases: measures to reduce sedentary practices, increase physical activity or both. Studies are needed to clarify such confusion.

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