Volume 2 Issue 4

Research Article

Influence of elbow angle on the reliability and validity of bioelectrical impedance analysis

Hand-to-hand bioelectrical impedance (HH BIA) is a low-cost method to estimate percent body fat (%BF). The BIA method is consistently reliable, but questions on validity remain.

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Research Article

Administration of Non- Pharmachologic Intervention in the control of Hypertension among selected volunteer retirees in Awka Metropolis Anambra State Nigeria

High blood pressure under medical palance is associated with a variety of circulatory diseases, and it has been estimated that over 12% of all deaths in the world is directly or remotely connected with hypertension.

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Research Article

Perception of Nutrition and Exercise as a Tool in Controlling Cardiovascular Diseases among the Elderly in Anambra State

The research investigated the perception of nutrition and exercise as a tool in controlling Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) among elderly civil servants in Anambra State of Nigeria.

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Case Report

Seroma formation as a rare complication of lateral epicondylitis release: A case report

Case: A 45 year old male, >1 year status post left elbow lateral debridement for lateral epicondylitis, presented with a two week history of a progressive, tender mass on the lateral aspect of his left elbow.

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Research Article

Vertebral pain syndrome and physical performance assessing in older women with vertebral fractures

The purpose of this study was to assess the peculiarities of vertebral pain syndrome, parameters of physical performance and quality of life indices in women of older age depending on the presence of vertebral fractures (VF).

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Research Article

The effect of cognitive strategies of association and dissociation on central nervous activation: A controlled trial with long distance runners

The purpose of the present study was to experimentally assess the effect of cognitive strategies of association and dissociation while running on central nervous activation. A total of 30 long distance runners volunteered for the study.

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