Yoshiaki Kikuchi

Yoshiaki Kikuchi | Editor

Affilation: Graduate School of Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Yoshiaki Kikuchi, D. Med. Sci. & Ph.D. is Professor of Neuroscience, Chairperson of Frontier Health Science, and Professor of Research Center of Language, Brain and Genetics, at Graduate School of Tokyo Metropolitan University. He is recently interested in the neural basis of ‘humanity’, and he has studied its bodily, mental, emotional and interoceptive aspects. His neuroimaging studies of humanity include many fields: Body Instability (PLoS ONE, 2014, etc.), Imitation (Exp Brain Res, 2013, etc.), Mental Rotation (Neuroimage, 2007, etc.), Maternal Love (Biological Psychiatry, 2008; Scientific American, 2008, Le Monde de l’enfance, 2008, TED, 2013etc.), Happiness, Nostalgia (SCAN, 2015), Self-esteem (PLoS ONE , 2012), and so on. Find out more about his study reports at his ResearchGate (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yoshiaki_Kikuchi).

Research Interest

Neuroimaging, Bodily Self, Body Instability, Psychiatry, Brain Science, Humanity, Love, Nostalgia, Self-esteem, Reward system, Resilience, Homeostasis, Interoception, Emotion, Beauty, Brain, etc.