Ryosuke Kohno

Ryosuke Kohno | Editor

Affilation: University of Tsukuba, Japan

Ryosuke Kohno started research on the proton beam therapy under the supervision of Prof. Yoshihisa Takada at Proton Medical Research Center (PMRC), and received his B.S. degree in Applied Physics of Engineering Science from the University of Tsukuba in 1997. He developed an analytical proton dose calculation algorithm, and acquired his M.S. degree from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at the University of Tsukuba in 1999. He studied a precise proton dose calculation algorithm for proton treatment planning system, and received a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tsukuba in 2002. From 2002 to 2005, he worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow on heavy ion beam therapy for a development of dose calculation methods and LET measurements by using CR-39 at National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS). From 2005, he worked at National Cancer Center Hospital East (NCCHE) in Japan, and contributed to clinical start of IMRT and QA for proton beam therapy as a medical physicist. In clinical practice, he designed and made multiple proton treatment plans in collaboration with the medical doctors, and performed several clinical analyses for liver cancer, as well as head and neck cancer. Additionally, he also obtained good results of proton dose calculation method by Monte Carlo algorithm and in-vivo proton dosimetry by using MOSFET detectors. He also successfully treated prostate cancer by using the continuous line scanning system in October 2015. During this time period, he has guided 7 Ph.D. students and 10 research residents and postdoctoral fellows as a supervisor. From 2016, he is currently a visiting scientist in the Department of Radiation Physics at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC).

Research Interest

Medical Physics, Particle Therapy.