Mohsen Challan

Mohsen Challan | Editor

Affilation: Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohsen Challan, is the associate professor of experimental nuclear physics at the Department of Physics, University of Majmaah, Al-Zulfi, Saudi Arabia. Now he occupies the head of e-learning unit, college of education – Al-Zulfi, Majmaah University. He also works at Experimental Nuclear Physics Department (Cyclotron Facility), Nuclear Research Center, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority. He had authored or co-authored several of fully refereed articles in journals such as applied radiation and isotopes, Indian journal of physics. He performed his MSc on calibrating neutrons energy produced from neutron generator, measuring the reaction cross sections of neutron with some selected medium mass elements. His PhD is performed on Inshas cyclotron, nuclear research center, Egyptian atomic energy authority, Cairo, Egypt. He measured the reaction cross sections for the promising channels to produce some radionuclides from cyclotron of importance in nuclear medicine. He also worked as an instructor for two years at faculty of engineers, Ain-Shams University. After that he shifted to Majmaah University as staff member of physics department, which is latter on headed the physics department for two years and half. Dr. Challan supervised several MSc degrees, managed several research group in environmental, experimental nuclear physics, gamma-rays' spectrometry and HPGe-detector maintenance, renovation and development.

Research Interest

Nuclear & computational physics, Radiology, Environmental Physics, Semi-Conductor Radiation Detectors (Ge & Si), Gamma-rays' Spectroscopy.