Cyril Voyant

Cyril Voyant | Editor

Affilation: University of Corsica, France

Cyril voyant, medical physicist since 2003 in a radiotherapy unit, he obtained a PhD (2011) in applied mathematics of the energetic systems. His research topics are the rabiobiology, the nuclear medecine, the radiotherapy and the time series forcasting with stochastical modelling.

Research Interest

Cancer Biology, Prediction, Radiation Physics, Time Series Forecasting, Forecasting, Photovoltaics, Nonlinear Regression, Time Series, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Time Series Modeling, Solar, Numerical Analysis, Stochastic Models, Renewable Energy Technologies, Computer-Assisted Numerical Analysis, Medical Physics, Numerical Methods, Computational Methods, Computational Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Solar Energy, Electricity, Energy Engineering, Artificial Neural Networks, Predictive Modeling.