Alexandros Georgakilas

Alexandros Georgakilas | Editor

Affilation: National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Dr. Alexandros Georgakilas is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, School of Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece. At Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, Dr. Georgakilas completed post-doctoral research as a research associate in the Biology Department from 2001-2003 under the supervision of Dr. Betsy Sutherland and developed his own research laboratory as an Associate Professor with tenure at East Carolina University until 2012. Overall, Dr. Georgakilas has been an active non-stop researcher in the field of Radiation Biology for more than twenty (25) years. He has also received awards such as the Young Investigator Travel Award from Radiation Research Society, Radiation Research Society SIT Award, ECU Thomas Harriot College Research Award, and the prestigious Terashima Award from Japan Radiation Research Society. His work at ECU as Principal Investigator (PI) has been funded by various sources like East Carolina University, NCI, NC Biotechnology Center and Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). His quality research work has been published in more than fifty (85) peer-reviewed high profile journals like Radiation Research, Cancer Letters, Cancer Research, Pharmacology Therapeutics, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Journal of Cell Biology and Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA and more than 3000 citations. In addition, he has been able to produce already eight (15) publications from his laboratory at NTUA (Greece). Last but not least and in recognition of his major contributions in the field he has been appointed the Editor-in-Chief in the Journal of Biochemical Technology 2012-2015, Associate Editor position for Cancer Letters, Radiation Research and several other well-recognized journals. Dr. Georgakilas was invited as a Guest Editor for a Special Issue of Frontiers in Genetics, Seminars in Cancer Biology, Mutation Research, Cancer Letters and Current Molecular Medicine and has hold invited Editorial positions for different book projects (Science Publishers and InTech).

Research Interest

His ultimate goal is the development of a solid mechanistic basis for the induction and propagation of oxidative clustered DNA damage in tissues and organs as the result of radiation exposure or tumor development where oxidative stress is involved.