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Recent Articles

2021-03-02 Research Article

Experimental research on the mechanism of chemical energy conversion to light energy under thermal induction

Jiping Liu*, Zhuqing Fang, Yinjie Wang and Jia Han


Since the discovery of glare illuminators, considerable efforts have been devoted to achieving a breakthrough of high light intensity on the order of magnitude. In this paper, we prepared strong flash blinding agents for the first time by using aluminum powder, oxidant, and a...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001033 Cite this Article

2020-08-20 Research Article

A study of 12c +12c nuclear reaction using a new M3Y-type effective interaction

Isaiah Ochala* Daniel Terver and Joseph O Fiase


This paper is a study of nuclear reactions involving 12C + 12C nuclei carried out with a heavy-ion nucleus-nucleus optical potential derived from a new M3Y-type effective interaction, called B3Y-Fetal, within the framework of optical model at the incident energies of 112, 126...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001031 Cite this Article

2020-12-11 Mini Review

Metal-carbon mesocomposites application possibilities as the medicine magnetic transport within an organism

VI Kodolov*, VV Kodolova-Chukhontseva, IN Shabanova and NS Terebova


The paper is dedicated to the consideration of the metal-carbon mesocomposites application possibilities for the medicine magnetic transport. This trend is determined by correspondent peculiarities of content and structure of mesoscopic composites. The main peculiarities of t...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001032 Cite this Article

2020-08-14 Research Article

High energy lasers and new applications

Victor V Apollonov*

In the beginning of 1973 in the USSR the study of possibility of LJE designing was conducted. The reflector, located in the tail of the rocket prototype, concentrated the obtained radiation in air and ensured micro-burst that the reactive thrust was created.

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001030 Cite this Article

2020-08-13 Opinion

Entropy via Art

Abraham Tamir*

From the energy involved in a physical or chemical process, part of it cannot be utilised as work. Entropy S is the thermodynamic quantity that is the measure of this energy where the concept of entropy was first introduced by Rudolf Clausius (1822-1888) in 1865.

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001029 Cite this Article

2020-07-31 Research Article

Natural ferromagnetic resonance in cast microwires and its application to the safety control of infrastructures

E Adar, AM Yosher and Serghei Alexei Baranov*


The natural ferromagnetic resonance (NFMR) in cast glass-coated amorphous magnetic microwires has been studied theoretically and experimentally. The NFMR reveals large residual stresses appearing in the microwire core in the course of casting. These stresses, together with th...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001028 Cite this Article

2020-07-15 Research Article

Ground-state bands of doubly even 166Hf Nucleus

I Hossain* and Hewa Y Abdullah


This study was carried out to investigate the rotational structure of even-even 166Hf isotopes using the phenomenological fitting, Sood’s semi-empirical formula. The rotational energies from the calculated values were compared to the experimental spectrum. The result sh...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001027 Cite this Article

2020-07-13 Research Article

Non-force electromagnetic fields in nature and experiments on earth: Part 2

VV Aksenov*

The manifestation of non-force electromagnetic fields in nature and in experiments on Earth is interesting and important in the part that would confirm the numerous physical models that have been calculated and presented in the scientific literature [5,6,15,17].

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001026 Cite this Article

2020-05-25 Research Article

Measurement of background ionizing radiation in the federal university of technology owerri, Nigeria using calibrated digital geiger counter

Eke BC* and Emelue HU


The measurement of the natural ionizing radiation in the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria was carried out using a well calibrated Digital Geiger Muller counter models GCA – 04w. Measurements were taken randomly in thirty (30) diff erent locations outside...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001025 Cite this Article

2020-05-16 Short Communication

Detection limit of a lutetium based non-paralizable PET-like detector

Emmanuel Busato* and Édouard Roux


The effect of the intrinsic lutetium radioactivity on the detection performances of a LYSO based in-beam PET-like prototype used for quality control of hadrontherapy treatments is studied. This radioactivity leads to a background that degrades the measurement of the β+ s...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001024 Cite this Article