About Journal


International Journal of Physics Research and Applications (JPRA) is an open access journal of Heighten Science Publications Corporation (HSPC). The journal publishes significant and new papers in the form of Research, review, perspective, opinion and other different prevalent types of articles pertaining to the research done in different branches of physics. The journal is rigorously peer-reviewed by an international Board of scholars.

Reason for publishing

The journal provides a platform for researchers who wish to publish and share their works globally and play a crucial role in future progress of physics. Physics challenges our imaginations and play a crucial to understanding the world around us. International Journal of Physics Research and Applications (JPRA) supports Physics education and research by publishing articles and also inspires young researchers to expand their knowledge.

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Physics Research and Applications (JPRA) aims to generate high quality knowledge in physics by publishing recent technological and theories advances in physics. The contents published in the journal are freely available after publication.

International Journal of Physics Research and Applications (JPRA) facilitates communication among the scholars working in the areas of modern physics. The journal invites scientists, professionals and researchers to develop manuscripts and send to us for publication on the following, but not limited to, disciplines of physics:

  •     Astrophysics
  •     Atomic and Molecular Physics
  •     Biophysics
  •     Chemical Physics
  •     Condensed Matter Physics
  •     Cosmology and String Theory
  •     Experimental & theoretical studies
  •     Experimental Research
  •     Extragalactic astronomy
  •     Fluid and Plasma Theory
  •     High Energy Physics
  •     Lasers and Quantum Optics
  •     Mathematical Physics
  •     Neutron Astronomy
  •     New Astronomical Techniques and Methods
  •     Nonlinear Dynamics
  •     Nuclear Physics
  •     Particle Physics
  •     Physical cosmology
  •     Pulsar Magnetospheres
  •     Quantum Computation and Statistical Physics
  •     Quantum Physics
  •     Solar and Stellar Physics
  •     Space Observation and Exploration
  •     Thermodynamics