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Volume 2 Issue 3

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    Case Report
    Published: 09/18/2017 | Pages: 2(3): 083-089

    Osteogenic Accelerated OrthodonticsTM for treatment of a Skeletal Class II patient with moderate crowding

    Armando Montesinos F and Marisol PĂ©rez Gasque B

    Introduction: A 17 years old male patient was treated at the University orthodontic department. He had the chief complaint of unaesthetic  appearance of his teeth, mostly for anterior crowding. The pretreatment records showed a Class II skeletal relation, moderate upper and lower anterior crowding, 0.5mm of overbite and 2mm of overjet.

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    Published: 07/31/2017 | Pages: 2(3): 080-082

    Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT): Penetration and Photobiomodulation

    Cecilia Young* and Cheuk Lam Mak

    Mester et al. stated the laser effects in a review of their studies of 15 various biological systems, they observed the stimulating effect of low energy (in terms of J/cm2) laser and inhibiting effect of high energy laser and later reported the relationship of cumulative energy applied and the effects conforms to the Arndt-Schultz law.

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    Research Article
    Published: 07/31/2017 | Pages: 2(3): 069-079

    Enamel demineralization with resin modified gic and conventional composite resin - a comparative in vivo study

    Gautam G*, Shashikala Kumari V, Garima Garg and Vikram Shetty

    Background & Objectives: Fluoride releasing bonding agents can help the orthodontist to minimize enamel demineralization independent of patient cooperation. This in vivo study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of resin modifi ed glass ionomer cement (RMGIC) on reducing enamel demineralization around orthodontic brackets and confirm the superior caries-preventive effect of RMGIC by assessing the mutans streptococci (S.mutans) in plaque samples in vitro.

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