Volume 2 Issue 2

2017-06-22 Case Report

Esthetic recovery of permanent Mandibular Lateral Incisor using biological post after non-surgical healing of Periradicular Lesion: A Case Report

Statement of the problem: Anterior tooth fracture, as a result of traumatic injuries, frequently occurs in dentistry. This leads to necrosis of pulp and periapical pathology. The goal of endodontic and restorative dentistry is to retain natural teeth with maximum function and ...

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2017-05-12 Review Article

Bruxism: Its multiple causes and its effects on Dental Implants: A Review

The rehabilitation of partially or completely edentulous patients with implant supported prostheses has been widely used, achieving high success rates. However, many studies consider the presence of bruxism as a contraindication for this treatment modality. The purpose of this study was to rev...

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2017-05-09 Review Article

Clown language training in Dental education: Dental Student’s Perspective

Clowning is a form of humour. It is an art form that invites play, interaction, and laughter. Clown Care is a programme in hospitals and medical centres involving visits from specially trained hospital clowns. Clowning helps patients to focus on something other than their illness. Olsson et al...

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2017-04-26 Case Report

External Root Resorption associated with Impacted Third Molars: A Case Report

The indications for impacted third molar extraction include the prevention of dental reabsorption on the adjacent tooth. Resorption can be classified as physiological (when deciduous teeth are exfoliated) or pathological (when caused by injury or irritation to the periodontal ligament). Many c...

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2017-04-07 Case Report

Orthodontics Miniscrews to Correct an Anchorage Loss: Case Report

The recent introduction of the miniscrew in orthodontics revolutionized the clinical and biomechanical approach of anchoring. Used as direct or indirect anchoring, the orthodontic micro screws indications field is expanding due to their easy insertion, and their immediate loading ensuring an a...

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Recent Articles

2019-08-28 Case Report

The Pierre Marie-Sainton syndrome: Report of a family

Salem Y*, Omar Y, Dorsaf S, Sonia M, Samir B and Olfa B

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2019-08-13 Research Article

Assessment of the effect of cigarette smoking on the different denture base material

Ashish Pandey*, Neeraja B, Himanshu Joshi, Deepti Upadhyay and Sonam Pandey

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2018-01-12 Review Article

Open bite malocclusion: An overview

Wajid MA, Chandra P, Kulshrestha R, Singh K, Rastogi R, et al.

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2017-11-02 Research Article

Assessment of Oral Hygiene awareness in Geriatric patients attending OPD at ESIC Dental College, Rohini, New Delhi

Abhishek Singh, Aanchal Sahani, Rohit Kulshrestha*, Sahil Gupta, Deepak Passi and Mayank Gupta

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