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Twin-stage technique for occlusal rehabilitation of a mutilated dentition – A case report

Gita Rani and Amarjeet Gambhir*

Published: 05/28/2020 | Volume 5 - Issue 1 | Pages: 006-010


Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of an extremely worn dentition is one of the most challenging aspects of Prosthodontics. A thorough examination and diagnosis & selection of appropriate occlusal scheme are key factors to achieve optimal clinical outcome. Among the variety of techniques suggested in the literature, the twin-stage technique given by Hobo & Takayama has emerged as a popular choice for clinicians in recent times. Instead of the condylar path, it utilizes standard cuspal angle as the main determinant of articulation to produce predictable disocclusion in eccentric movements. It is relatively simple, does not require special armamentarium and can be incorporated easily with commonly used clinical techniques such as face bow transfer.

The present case report describes the full mouth rehabilitation of a severely mutilated dentition using Hobo’s twin-stage technique to achieve a functionally and aesthetically favourable outcome.

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