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Osteogenic Accelerated OrthodonticsTM for treatment of a Skeletal Class II patient with moderate crowding

Armando Montesinos F and Marisol Perez Gasque B

Published: 09/18/2017 | Volume 2 - Issue 3 | Pages: 083-089


Introduction: A 17 years old male patient was treated at the University orthodontic department. He had the chief complaint of unaesthetic  appearance of his teeth, mostly for anterior crowding. The pretreatment records showed a Class II skeletal relation, moderate upper and lower anterior crowding, 0.5mm of overbite and 2mm of overjet.

Materials and Methods: It was suggested Osteogenic Accelerated Orthodontics (OAOTM), the treatment option was very attractive to the patient although it required a surgical procedure and a more expensive type of treatment.

Results: The overall treatment time was 6 months, facial balance was improved and the final occlusal relationships from the functional and aesthetics perspective were good.

Conclusion: OAOTM is a good alternative to reduce extractions rate as it increases the scope of tooth movement and strengthen the periodontal tissues thru bone grafting, although these claims require more scientific data to be validated.

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