Volume 1 Issue 3

Research Article

Comparison of Lung Function of normal and persons with chronic low back pain and its relation with duration and severity of Chronic Low Back Pain

Introduction: Chronic low back pain is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal disorders. Studies have shown certain relations between physical fi tness and chronic low back pain (CLBP) by examine some measures of physical fi tness. The aim of study was to measure lung funct...

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Review Article

Determining the use and value of social support in Telerehabiliation Interventions for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: A narrative synthesis review

Background: Telerehabilitation has been identified as an effective treatment that promotes exercise rehabilitation in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS). Social support is recognised as a core element of such interventions. However further research is needed to consider ...

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Research Article

Rehabilitation of proximal humerus fractures: An environmental scan of Canadian physiotherapy practice patterns

Background: Proximal humerus fractures (PHFs) are common injuries particularly in older adults. Evidencebased protocols for PHF rehabilitation are lacking and physiotherapists use a variety of interventions.

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Case Report

Frequency specific microcurrent resolves chronic pain and adhesions after ulnar transposition surgery

Frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) has been used to treat myofascial pain syndrome [1,2] fibromyalgia associated with spine trauma [3], delayed onset muscle soreness [4], acute and chronic neuropathic pain [5]
and chronic scarring in burn patients [6].

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Case Report

The efficacy of complex Decongestive Physiotherapy in patients with Bilateral Primary Lower Extremity Lymphedema and Untreatable multiple health conditions: A Case Report

Background: Primary lymphedema occurs as a result of genetic abnormalities of the lymph system. Currently, complex decongestive therapy is accepted as the standard treatment of the lymphedema. In this case presentation, we described the management of bilateral primary lower ex...

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