Volume 1 Issue 2

2017-08-30 Research Article

How does a Personalized Rehabilitative Model infl uence the Functional Response of Different Ankle Foot Orthoses in a Cohort of Patients Affected by Neurological Gait Pattern?

Background: Orthoses need to support physiotherapy as well as surgical treatment. Related to patient’s rehabilitative goals and pathological gait pattern, orthotists have to produce an orthoses that using an adjustable ankle joint system with preloaded disc springs can s...

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2017-07-17 Case Report

First Metatarsal Stress Fracture of a pre-adolescent female Irish dancer with Medial Plantar Foot Pain: A Case Report

Background and Purpose: Injuries for the pre-adolescent female Irish Dancer (FID) are not well recognized. The purpose of this case study is to report imaging assisted diagnosis and management of atypical medial and plantar foot pain (MPFP) in an 8-year-old FID.

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2017-07-10 Research Article

Factors affecting muscle strength in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

This study aimed to investigate the relationship between muscle weakness and cancerrelated symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy for hematological malignancies and solid tumors. We recruited hospitalized patients older than 20 years who were receiving chemotherapy. Patients were divided...

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2017-05-01 Short Communication

The effects of EMF (ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS) on the Bone and Cartilage Tissue

Environmental electromagnetic fields are nowadays available in all environments today. These areas affect the biological system. Controlled interactions with elecrtomagnetic fields can have positive effects when unrestricted interactions have negative effects.Uncontrolled exposure to low-frequ...

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Recent Articles

2019-07-24 Research Article

Rehabilitation of hearing by cochlear implantation

Abdelaziz Raji*, Houda Mounji, Youssef Rochdi, Hassan Nouri and Mehdi Elfakiri

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jnpr.1001028 Citation

2019-05-22 Research Article

Kinesio taping in patients with shoulder impingement

Sorin P*, Ramirez FJ, Joly A, Patino O and Terrasa S

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jnpr.1001026 Citation

2018-04-27 Research Article

Biomechanical analysis of Sit-To- Walk movement in Parkinson’s patients

Moataz M El Semary*, Nawal A Abou Shady, Hayam Mahmoud Sayed and Mohamed El Said Al Awaady

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jnpr.1001019 Citation