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2020-01-24 Review Article

Brain washing systems and other circulating factors in some neurological condition like Parkinson (Pd) and vascular and diabetic dementia: How dynamics- saturation of clearance can act on toxic molecule?


Observing the epidemiology of some neurodegenerative disease is interesting to verify some similarity and also related advanced or non-advanced countries and related diet habits. There are relationship between this conditions and diet habits? Some neurological condition related neuro-degeneration can be related to a complex dynamic system like the glymphatic system and the brain vascular clearance. Failure in this system seem related to aggravates of some condition like PD or vascular or diabetic dementia. (Animal model). But what happen if this dynamic system is saturated? A deep investigation related the specific role in CNS make possible to search new innovative strategies. The social economic cost for the neurodegenerative disease is the right tool to new research.

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2020-03-05 Review Article

Do genes matter in sleep?-A comprehensive update


Sleep is considered as a complex process in human beings and is least understood mechanism. Role of sleep in synaptic plasticity remains a debatable topic till date. Sleep is influenced by genetic background of the individual. EEG done in human sleep showed strong influence of genetic factors. A handful of familial analyses involving specific gene loci and twin studies has been done in this regard. In this review article focused discussion on genetic contribution to sleep phenotypes, twin and familial linkage studies and effect of genetic variation on sleep will be covered.

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