Yong Song

Yong Song | Editor

Affilation: The University of Western Australia, Australia

Dr Yong Song is a full time academic at the University of Western Australia. He graduated with M.D. degree and Master degree in Clinical Medicine in China in 1999. He subsequently pursued PhD studies with APAI scholarship and undertook a postdoctoral position at School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, Murdoch University, Australia. Since 2010, he was appointed Assistant Professor in the School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology, the University of Western Australia. Over the last 5 years, he successfully obtained 6 competitive research grants, published 18 peer-reviewed articles (10 of these as first author), and 20 conference papers. He reviewed over 30 manuscripts for international journals in this interval as well. He also serves as an external reviewer for Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant and Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Award application.

Research Interest

Dr Song’s research focused on the neonatal respiratory biology. He is particularly interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying functional and phenotypic changes of the neonatal respiratory system in response to prenatal and postnatal injuries. He has extensive experience in developmental regulation, molecular signalling, cellular pathways, oxidative stress, epigenetic regulation and mitochondrial dysfunction, which render him capable of deciphering the fundamental mechanisms of newborn respiratory diseases.