Demin Cai

Demin Cai | Editor

Affilation: University of UC Davis Medical center, USA

Research Interest: I have a long-term interest on nutritional programming which focuses on the effect of maternal nutrition on offspring metabolism and health via epigenetic mechanisms. I also have a broad background in basic molecular biology and biochemistry including studying the function of GR, PPARs and RORγ in metabolism and tumorigenesis, as well as considerable experience in animal model establishment. My research is focused on the function of nuclear receptors and epigenetic regulators in castration-resistance prostate cancer (CRPC) development and progression and their therapeutic values. My long-term goal is to gain a thorough molecular understanding of the role and action mechanism of RORγ and associated epigenetic regulators in development and progression of PCa including neuroendocrine PCa and to develop novel RORγ-selective inhibitors as highly effective agents in treatment of advanced CRPC.