Journal of Genetic Medicine and Gene Therapy

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It is a branch of healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications,.

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The most fundamental measure of medical research includes cellular and molecular biology,.

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Heighten Science publishes a series of timely and important articles in modern biology,.

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This discipline is a major contributor around the world for governments, private business, and academia.

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Chemistry is the science of matter and the changes it undergoes.

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The manuscripts published elucidates the role of basic pharmaceutics in determining or modifying clinical outcomes.

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Genes are those entities that determine our unique personalities. Genes do not only determine the way we look but also the way our body functions. Genetic medicine facilitates the development of genetic knowledge and its medical applications, while improving society understanding of genetics.
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Reasons for Publishing

Despite great strides in genetic medicine and gene therapy, their potential usefulness has been limited by lack of scientific data concerning the horde of functions that genes control in the human body.
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Aims of the Journal

The potentiality of gene therapy is enormous. Therefore, the Journal works with the aim to publish manuscripts concentrating on developing gene therapeutic mechanisms for diseases whose backgrounds have been genetically established and for other diseases that can be cured or improved by using the substances genes produce.
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Scope of the Journal

The manuscripts published in Journal of Genetic Medicine and Gene Therapy are important sources of research results to discover the biological role of genes.
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