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  • Steven A. Koehler
    Forensic Epidemiology University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health USA
  • Scope of Title

    This Special Edition will have two main purposes first to describe the Coroners System and second to illustrate the many weakness within the system that include minimal qualifications to serve as a Coroner, limited ability to correctly differentia complex causes and manners of death, a poor expert witness, and inadequate training to respond to emerging threats from bioterrorism and infectious diseases. And hampers advances in public health, medical research and forensic medicine.The edition will start by outlining the history and development of the Coroners system from its origin in England in 1194 to its current statuses in the U.S.  Second, describe the structure and role of the Coroner’s Office. Describe the personnel within the office and their education, experience and training requirements. Describe the breakdown of the medicolegal (Coroner vs Medical Examiners) systems through the U.S.  Third, describe how and when a Coroner’s Inquest is held and the Procedures, Recommendations, and Outcome of such inquests. The second part of the edition focuses on the structural, personnel, education, and training weakness of the Coroner’s office and system as it related to death investigation.  This section will first examine the general conflicts of interest between the Coroner and the community they serve. Second, describe education and training shortfalls and weakness resulting an inability to accurately determination of Cause and Manner of Death in a number of cases. Third, describe the weakness of the Coroner in the criminal justice system. Explore the Legal ineffectiveness of the Coroner in the court room. Provide examples of failure of the coroner’s office in Real-Life Cases.  Fourth, show how the Coroners system has limited ability to respond to emerging threats such as Bio-terrorism and other public health threats. Fifth, show how the Coroner’s system offers limited information to research, medical science, and forensic science. Finally, show the advantages of the Medical Examiner system over the Coroner’s system.

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