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Research Article

Organic compositional analysis of propellant powders using monolithic material sorption extraction (MSSE)-a feasibility study

The application of monolithic material sorption extraction, specifically MonoTrapTM, to the extraction of organic gunshot residue (OGSR) compounds from unburnt propellant powders is described. Four different MonoTraps were assessed for their capability to extract OGSR compounds from two differ...

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Case Report

Potter Syndrome: A case study

Potter syndrome (PS) is a term used to describe a typical physical appearance, which is the result of dramatically decreased amniotic fluid volume secondary to renal diseases such as bilateral renal agenesis (BRA). 

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Research Article

The Effect of Cement and wrapping on the Decomposition rate of the Rabbit Carcasses

Taphonomic study was firsttime conducted in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia. In this research model, male Oryctolagus cunicullus weighed 1.8-2.6 kg each were killed by Dolethal intravenously at the ear region.

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Research Article

Comparison of Vitreous Protein Profiles of Rabbits subjected to Acute Carbon Monoxide poisoning and normal animal after death

Acute carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is caused by the inhalation of large quantity of CO within short time leading to morbidity and mortality. In this study, a total of eighteen (18) rabbits were divided into three (3) groups of six (6) animals each. 

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Anatomical Distribution of Intramuscular Lipomas

Lipomas are the most common type of soft tissue tumor occurring in the subcutaneous tissue. Rarely, lipomas present in the deep soft tissue such as intermuscular, intramuscular, and parosteal sites. When they occur within a skeletal muscle they are called intramuscular lipomas.

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Research Article

Associations of Burnout, Secondary Traumatic Stress and Individual Differences among Correctional Psychologists

Objective: The aim of the present study was to examine associations between secondary traumatic stress (ST), job burnout (BO) and several psychological variables such as world assumptions and locus of control in correctional psychologists.

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Review Article

WMW: A Secure, Web based Middleware for C4I Interoperable Applications

Modern-day enhancements in Enterprise Architectures (EA) has increased the interoperability issues in almost all domains; these issues are increasing day-by-day as organizations are spanning and information is being exchanged between different platforms. 

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Research Article

Poly-dopamine-Beta-Cyclodextrin Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode as a Sensor for the Voltammetric Detection of L-Tryptophan at Physiological pH

The main purpose of this report was to develop application of poly-dopamine-beta-cyclodextrin modified glassy carbon electrode (PDA-β-CD-GCE) towards electrooxidation and determination of L-Tryptophan (L-Trp) and also the evaluation its kinetic parameters.

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