Volume 3 Issue 1

2019-09-19 Case Report

Occipital lobe ependymal cyst with unusual presentation

Intraparenchymal cysts without communication to the ventricles or the subarachnoid space are named ependymal or epithelial cysts. The estimated ratio of their incidence compared with arachnoid cysts is 1:10. Neurologic deficit can occur when the cyst exerts mass effect on its surroundings. We ...

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2019-06-04 Review Article

A few observations of clinical importance

This article reflects the opinion on a few of my clinical experiences involving symptoms and signs which are not mentioned in standard textbooks on medicine or clinical methods. These are clinical and a few radiological signs which I think worth discussing by clinical community, includes Musli...

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2019-02-07 Clinical Image

New technique of imaging cellular change to squmous cells metaplsia of cervix

Flexible magnifying endoscopy with narrow band imaging (ME-NBI) has outstanding diagnostic correctness for gastrointestinal metaplsia and is hope for to be highly useful for imaging stage cervixcal metaplsia beginning by imaging the first stage of metaplasia by imaging single layer of subcolmn...

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Recent Articles

2018-02-22 Clinical Image

The Death of a Baby from the Congenital Anomalies of the Urinary Tract

Astrit Gashi M*, Gent Sopa, Ilir Kadiri, Majlinda Balaj and Petrit Pupa

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2017-09-22 Clinical Image

Andy Gump deformity

Pirabu Sakthivel*, Chirom Amit Singh, and Suresh Chandra Sharma

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2017-04-25 Case Report

Secondary Onychomycosis Development after Cosmetic Procedure-Case Report

Mariusz Dyląg*, Emilia Flisowska, Patryk Bielecki, Maria Kozioł-Gałczynska and Weronika Jasinska

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2017-01-30 Case Report

Tumours of the Uterine Corpus: A Histopathological and Prognostic Evaluation Preliminary of 429 Patients

Jorge F Cameselle-Teijeiro*, Javier Valdes-Pons, Lucia Cameselle-Cortizo, Isaura Fernandez-Perez, MariaJose Lamas-Gonzalez, Sabela Iglesias-Faustino, Elena Figueiredo Alonso, María-Emilia Cortizo-Torres, María-Concepcion Agras-Suarez, Araceli Iglesias-Salgado, Marta Salgado-Costas, Susana Friande-Pereira and Fernando C Schmitt

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2017-01-30 Case Report

Recurrent Peripheral Ameloblastoma of the Mandible: A Case Report

Angela Jordao Camargo*, Mayara Cheade, Celso Martinelli and Plauto Christopher Aranha Watanabe

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