Volume 3 Issue 1

2019-12-17 Clinical Image

A rare case of abdominal pain and hematuria from retroaortic left renal vein

Clinical Image

A 62-year-old female with a history of arterial hypertension, attended the emergency department due to pain in the left flank. On physical examination no showed signs of peritoneal irritation. Urinalysis was indicated, that reported microscopic hematuria and negative abdominal ultrasound. Then urotomography was performed, which confirmed the presence of retroaortic renal vein with a slight tortuous path near to renal pelvis (Figure 1).

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2019-09-19 Case Report

Occipital lobe ependymal cyst with unusual presentation


Intraparenchymal cysts without communication to the ventricles or the subarachnoid space are named ependymal or epithelial cysts. The estimated ratio of their incidence compared with arachnoid cysts is 1:10. Neurologic deficit can occur when the cyst exerts mass effect on its surroundings. We report a case of cerebral ependymal cyst in a 75-year-old lady who presented with history of headache, vomiting and left incomplete homonymous hemianopsia. Neuroimaging studies showed a large right occipital cyst. She underwent the neurosurgical procedure of marsupialization. Histologic findings and the immunophenotype was consistent with a diagnosis of ependymal cyst. The patient made an excellent recovery after the procedure.

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2019-06-04 Review Article

A few observations of clinical importance


This article reflects the opinion on a few of my clinical experiences involving symptoms and signs which are not mentioned in standard textbooks on medicine or clinical methods. These are clinical and a few radiological signs which I think worth discussing by clinical community, includes Muslim prayer’s feet, hyponatraemic bullae, early signs of oedema, PCV sign, hemi-semi-Hoffman’s sign and a few more.

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2019-02-07 Clinical Image

New technique of imaging cellular change to squmous cells metaplsia of cervix

Clinical Image

Flexible magnifying endoscopy with narrow band imaging (ME-NBI) has outstanding diagnostic correctness for gastrointestinal metaplsia and is hope for to be highly useful for imaging stage cervixcal metaplsia beginning by imaging the first stage of metaplasia by imaging single layer of subcolmnar reserve cells reserve cells hyperplasia, the reserve cells are round to cuboid with large oval or round nuclei, seen below the surface columnar cells and the columnar within the endocervical gland figure page (1)

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Recent Articles

2021-03-18 Clinical Image

Ketamine-related uropathy and cholangiopathy

Yi-Hsuan Chen, Shian-Shiang Wang and Sung-Yuan Hu*

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2021-03-09 Clinical Image

Millian´s ear sign: Bilateral ear erythema

Roberto Benavides Arenas* and Juan Camilo Jaramillo

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2020-10-22 Clinical Image

Syphilitic pemphigus

Elvis Piñeres* and Carlos Ospina

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2020-02-18 Clinical Image

An unusual case of a maxillary sinonasal neuroendocrine carcinoma

Touimi SH*, Daoudi S, Mbarki I, Adrif I, Elkacemi H, Elmajjaoui S, Kebdani T, Errihani H and Benjaafar N

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