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Case Report

Secondary Onychomycosis Development after Cosmetic Procedure-Case Report

The authors describe the unusual case of subungual onychomycosis, due to fl uconazole and itraconazole resistant Candida albicans after using the hybrid and acrylic lacquers and nail tips. The etiology of these atypical changes was supported by isolation of the fungus from the nail lesions, an...

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Research Article

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Can Detect Symptomatic Patients with Facet Joint Pain. A Retrospective Analysis

Background: Low back pain has recently been reported as the leading cause for disability worldwide. The diagnostic value of imaging has been estimated low. Led by own positive experience, however, we hypothesized
that MRI can detect signs of facet joint pain.

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Research Article

The Risk Factors for Ankle Sprain in Cadets at a Male Military School in Iran: A Retrospective Case-control Study

Introduction: Ankle sprain is a widespread impairment in sport groups; this impairment leads to an absence from the workplace. The ankle sprains incidence rates are induced by height, weight, BMI, physical fitness, level of match, classification of sport, and personal exposure...

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Case Report

Tumours of the Uterine Corpus: A Histopathological and Prognostic Evaluation Preliminary of 429 Patients

A histopathological review preliminary of 429 patients diagnosed with tumours of the uterine corpus (TUC) cancer between 1984- 2010 in the Vigo University Hospital Complex (Spain) were evaluated prospectively for over 5 years. Of these 403 (93.9%) were epithelial tumours: 355 (82.7%) were aden...

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Case Report

Recurrent Peripheral Ameloblastoma of the Mandible: A Case Report

Ameloblastoma is the second most common odontogenic tumor being back only for the odontoma. An unusual case of recurrent peripheral ameloblastoma in the mandible from the site of previous occurrence, reducing oropharyngeal space due compression by lesion.

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Clinical Image

Pulmonary Infarction Mimicking An Aspergilloma In A Heart Transplant Recipient

This patient (male, 59 years old) underwent cardiac re-transplantation for chronic rejection. Prior to re-transplantation, the patient was in NYHA class IV, with a clear chest X ray. On 14th postoperative day, he presented hemoptysis. On chest x-ray, a left lower lobe opacity was seen.

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Case Report

Cystic Micronodular Thymoma. Report of a Case

Micronodular thymoma is a rare subtype of thymoma with less than 20 cases published in the English literature. These tumours have been reported with thymoma or thymic cyst. The authors describe a new case of micronodular thymoma in a 68-year-old-patient which is well documented and particular ...

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