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Cystic Micronodular Thymoma. Report of a Case

Mona Mlika*, Adel Marghli and Faouzi Mezni

Published: 01/20/2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-004


Micronodular thymoma is a rare subtype of thymoma with less than 20 cases published in the English literature. These tumours have been reported with thymoma or thymic cyst. The authors describe a new case of micronodular thymoma in a 68-year-old-patient which is well documented and particular by its cystic degeneration which hasn’t been described yet. Micronodular thymoma is a rare variant of thymoma with a challenging diagnosis. Clinicians must be aware of this entity in order not to confuse it with a thymic cyst.

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