Volume 1 Issue 1

2016-12-30 Case Report

Complicated Hepatitis A Virus Infection: A Report of Three Cases from Single Tertiary Referral Center


Hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection is the commonest form of acute viral hepatitis all over the world. Complicated HAV cases had been reported with evolving presentations. This is a report of three cases of non-fulminant HAV infections annotating rare non hepatic sequalae.

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2016-12-22 Case Report

Nursing Care of ICU Patients Lightly Sedated with Dexmedetomidine


Background: Intensive care patients are often in need of sedation to endure being intubated. Light sedation is increasingly common since it has been proved to offer benefits such as faster recovery to patients.

Aim: The aim of this study was to describe critical care nurses’ experiences of nursing patients lightly sedated with dexmedetomidine.

Research Methodology: Qualitative personal interviews were conducted during 2015 with 10 critical care nurses in Sweden. Interview transcripts were analysed using inductive qualitative thematic analysis.

Results: Light sedation of the patient facilitated communication and interaction with him or her, and the relationship between the patient and his or her family members. Dexmedetomidine was described as a fairly new drug, and the critical care nurses stated that they needed more knowledge about it and about sedation scales in order to learn more about the drug’s mechanism of action and its potential side effects on patients.

Conclusion: It is important to critical care nurses to learn more about dexmedetomidine and about sedation scales to assess levels of sedation, as light sedation has been shown to benefit the patient as opposed to deep sedation that can increase recovery time.

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2016-12-17 Case Report

Phenibut Overdose in Combination with Fasoracetam: Emerging Drugs of Abuse


The widespread availability of non-traditional dietary supplements and pharmacologically active substances via the Internet continues to introduce mechanisms for inadvertent toxidromes not commonly seen. Consumers are virtually unrestricted in their ability to acquire products purporting augmentation of normal physiology for the purposes of enhancement, recreation, and/or potential abuse. The safety profiles at standard or toxic doses remain largely unknown for many agents that can be purchased electronically. We report a case of mixed toxicity related to phenibut and fosaracetam, both of which are readily available for consumer purchase from online retailers. Written and verbal consent was obtained for this case presentation.

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2021-08-17 Research Article

Immunocompromised patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection in intensive care units, outcome and mortality

Cynthia DENIS*, Hamid MERDJI, Mathieu BALDACINI, Maleka SCHENCK, Thierry ARTZNER, Yoann GRIMAUD, Thierry LAVIGNE, Ferhat MEZIANI, Vincent CASTELAIN, Raphaël CLERE-JEHL, Francis SCHNEIDER and Guillaume MOREL

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2021-08-10 Review Article

An educational strategy for the implementation of a delirium assessment tool

Beatriz Bonaga*, Elena Ruiz-Escribano Taravilla, Carmen Carrilero-López, María Dolores Castillo-Lag, Leanne M Boehm, Ángela Prado Mira, María Joaquina Piqueras Diaz and E Wesley Ely

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2020-05-29 Short Review

Levosimendan in sepsis  

Ugur Koca* and Burcu Tanay Demirdöven

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