About Journal


Clinical intensive care and medicine involves critical care through intensive therapy departments which are sections within a hospital that look after patients whose conditions are life-threatening and need constant and close monitoring.

The Journal of Clinical Intensive Care and Medicine publishes peer-reviewed; open-access manuscripts that are evident resource for healthcare professionals intended to address key acclaimed developments, current issues and topical discussions in the field of clinical intensive care and related medicines.

Reasons for Publishing

In any hospital, the patients requiring Intensive care are the sickest, most challenging and use up a disproportionate amount of resources. Literatures published currently have failed to clearly identify factors that are related to improved outcome as measured by reduced mortality, improved efficiency, decreased length of stay, or decreased cost of clinical care.

To address these issues, Heighten Science took the initiative in the form of Journal of Clinical Intensive Care and Medicine to publish manuscripts that can enhance the ability of the healthcare professionals involved in intensive care to minimize mortality and to optimize efficiency while preserving dignity and compassion for patients.

Aim of the Journal

The Journal of Clinical Intensive Care and Medicine aims to publish manuscripts that can be evident and useful resource for those wishing to study, practice and excel in Clinical intensive care and medicine.

The Journal of Clinical Intensive Care and Medicine demonstrates the Heighten Science’s desire to spread best current practices as well as a commitment to make the manuscripts relevant to everyone from medical student to the chief of an intensive care unit.

Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Clinical Intensive Care and Medicine encompasses all aspects of intensive care and medicine. We encourage the doctors, researchers and scientists to develop manuscripts and send to us for publication in the following, but not limited to, disciplines in clinical care and medicine:

  •     Acute and emergency medicine
  •     Anesthetic administration
  •     General and regional anesthesia
  •     Infection control
  •     Intensive and critical care
  •     Intensive care and pain therapy
  •     Organ dysfunction
  •     Pediatric intensive care
  •     Perioperative medicine
  •     Pharmacokinetics
  •     Preoperative and postoperative contemplations
  •     Resuscitation
  •     Surgical intensive care
  •     Trauma