About Journal


Vaccines are perhaps medical science's most widely used and effective products. At the turn of the last century it was discovered that particular microbes gave rise to specific diseases and this link led to the development of vaccines. Immunology is the study of the structure and function of the immune system. It assists the science of vaccine development and how the immune system responds to vaccines.

Journal of Child, Adult Vaccines and Immunology is an initiative of Heighten Science to publish manuscripts that can become basis for improving the effectiveness of existing vaccines, as well as the development of novel vaccines and vaccine delivery systems. Journal of Child, Adult Vaccines and Immunology publishes ongoing scientific advances in vaccine development accompanied by scientific advances in epidemiological methods which can continue to inform the development and monitoring of new vaccines.

Reasons for Publishing

Vaccines are recommended based on age, prior vaccinations, health, lifestyle and occupation. However, the society still lacks the awareness and information to determine exactly which vaccines an individual need at what age and which vaccines are coming up. The development of new and effective vaccine products cannot proceed without a detailed understanding of the immune correlates of protection.

Therefore the manuscripts published in The Journal of Child, Adult Vaccines and Immunology provides essential information for rational vaccine design, and also guides the parameters to be measured when evaluating vaccine efficacy.

Aim of the Journal

The Journal of Child, Adult Vaccines and Immunology aims to publish manuscripts to create an environment of critical and thorough discussion to spread the knowledge of vaccination and immunology. The Journal of Child, Adult Vaccines and Immunology publishes emerging practices and the experiences to highlight outstanding issues and barriers for successful vaccine development and priorities for overcoming these barriers.
Scope of the Journal

Heighten Science dedicates the scholarly Journal of Child, Adult Vaccines and Immunology towards distribution of valuable information on vaccination and immunology for the societal benefit. HSP urges the authors, doctors, researchers and scientists to develop manuscripts and publish with us for in the following, but not limited to, disciplines of vaccination and immunology:

  •     Adaptive Immunity
  •     Allergy Immunology
  •     Autism Vaccines
  •     Cancer Vaccines
  •     Cellular Immunology
  •     Chicken pox Vaccines
  •     Childhood Vaccines
  •     Clinical Immunology
  •     Component Vaccines
  •     Diagnostic Immunology
  •     Ebola Vaccines
  •     Evolutionary Immunology
  •     HIV Vaccines Research & Development
  •     Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine
  •     Immunotherapeutics
  •     Inflammatory Disorders
  •     MMR Vaccines
  •     Neuroinflammatory Disorders
  •     Ocular Immunology and inflammation
  •     Polio Vaccines
  •     Preclinical Vaccine Studies
  •     Recombinant Vector Vaccines
  •     Tdap Vaccines
  •     Translational Immunology
  •     Transplantation Immunology
  •     Tuberculosis Vaccines
  •     Tumor Immunology
  •     Vaccine Adjuvants
  •     Vaccine Immunology
  •     Vaccine Regulatory Issues
  •     Vaccine Research & Development
  •     Vaccines Dermatology
  •     Vaccines Epidemiology
  •     Veterinary Vaccines
  •     Viral Immunology