Volume 2 Issue 1

2018-10-24 Research Article

Factors affecting physical activity of recuperating alcoholics in Asumbi- Homabay rehabiliation center, Kenya

Background: Alcoholism is a widespread problem in Kenya and is associated with severe impacts on health and quality of life of the individual. Physical activity is an affordable and sustainable adjunct treatment option for recuperating alcoholics; however its’ rarely use...

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2018-08-21 Review Article

Cyberbullying: A narrative review

A literature search was conducted using PubMed and PsycINFO to locate cyberbullying research that was published during the last 4 years. In this narrative review, cyberbullying research is briefly summarized and critiqued. The review is focused on the varying definitions and characteristics of...

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2018-08-02 Review Article

Parental Role in Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention

Background: There is a huge gap in the U.S. health care system when it comes to the prevention of substance abuse and addiction, specifically involving adolescents. It has been determined through literature review that parents in Utah are not informed about/knowledgeable of/aw...

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2018-01-25 Letter to the Editor

Alcohol-related poisonings in Russia: Obfuscated facts

The problem of the alcohol misuse in Russia is well known; but there is a tendency to exaggerate it, which seems to be used to disguise shortages of the healthcare and public assistance.In this way, responsibility for the relatively low life expectancy is shifted onto the patients, who are sup...

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Recent Articles

2017-12-05 Case Report

Addiction to self-strangulation: a case-report

Aurely Ameller*, Yann Le Strat, Marion Cadranel, Celine Portalier and Caroline Dubertret

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