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2019-07-24 Case Report

Severe Infantile Transaldolase deficiency: A case report

Transaldolase TALDO deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive disorder of the pentose phosphate pathway. It has variable presentations with poor outcome when present early in life. We present a young Saudi infant with a fatal early presentation of TALD deficiency.

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2019-08-08 Research Article

Prevalence of ESBL urinary tract infection in children

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the extremely popular causes of febrile illness in children, demanding antimicrobial therapy [1]. Overall, 8% of females and 2% of males, experience at least one incident of UTI by seven years of age, and recurrence takes place in up to 30% during a year...

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2019-09-03 Research Article

Does it matter what a mother consumes? An anthropological exploration of dietary practices among Churachandpur (Manipur) pregnant women and its impact on infant birth weight

Background: Nutritional status of expectant women is an important indicator of healthy pregnancy and an ideal birth weight of the infant. The present study is an attempt to understand food eating practices and related taboos among the Paite women and whether or how these pract...

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2019-09-27 Research Article

Glycemic status and its effect in Neonatal Sepsis - A prospective study in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Nepal

Introduction: Sepsis is an important cause of morbidity and mortality among neonates. Neonatal sepsis can alter the glucose level and both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia may occur. A high or low blood glucose level may have a significant effect on the outcomes in patients of n...

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