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Journal of Advanced Pediatrics and Child Health is a global, peer reviewed open access journal. It has all the attributes of an open access journal and follows a peer review process to scrutinise the research work efficiently. The journal is a perfect media amongst scientific fraternity across the globe to initiate scientific discussion.

The journal looks for advancing the knowledge repository in the field of Pediatrics and Child health. We welcome you to submit a review article, research article, short communication, letter to editor and commentary etc. in the field of Pediatrics.

The journal is indexed in reputed databases and aims to disseminate knowledge freely across the globe. Thus, it ensures accessibility of Science to everyone.

The significance of the journal can be sought from the fact that child health is related to the economic well-being of a country. A healthy child is healthy future of a country which ensures quality man power for the economy of the country.

Reasons for Publishing

The field of Pediatrics deals with reducing infant and child mortality rate. The word “paediatrics” mean “healer of children”. This branch of medical science came into global arena only in the mid-19th century and can be considered relatively new. Pediatrics not only deals with immediate illness of a child but ensures child’s long term healthy life. Treating a child is not same as treating an adult. Congenital defects, developmental issues and genetic variance are focused areas of concern for a pediatrician.

Our journal keeps in mind the significance of pediatrics as a study and its interdisciplinary nature. The journal owes the responsibility of publishing research work which advances the field for the betterment of human race.

Aims of the Journal

Journal of Advanced Pediatrics and Child Health aims to publish cutting edge research work through open access platform. The objective of the journal is to remove all the barriers and bring out the research work of scientists, medical practitioners and academicians across the globe on an online forum.

The journal is equipped with distinguished editorial board members which facilitate a quality peer review process. This helps the journal to achieve its aim of integrity in research. The main aim is to serve the authors by adopting hassle free submissions and perfect e-mail correspondence about different stages in publication process.

Journal of Advanced Pediatrics and Child Health has an objective to publish latest breakthroughs in the field of Pediatrics and Child health and achieve good citations for its authors. The articles are published in an easy to comprehend language and thus catalysing discussion amongst global scientific fraternity. The journal is committed to serve all the attributes of an open access journal.

Scope of the Journal

The scope of the journal of Advanced Pediatrics and Child Health revolves around the Pediatricians who diagnoses disorders amongst infants, children and adolescents. Medical description of a child is different from an adult owing to the differences in body size and maturation changes. This necessitates a different branch of medical science which makes up the scope of the Journal of Advanced Pediatrics and Child Health.

The scope of the journal includes the following but not limited to:

  1. Pediatric Nutrition
  2. Pediatric Neuropsychology
  3. Pediatric Endocrinology
  4. Pediatric Cardiology
  5. Pediatric Nursing
  6. Pediatric Pulmonology
  7. Pediatric Dermatology
  8. Child Neurology
  9. Neonatology
  10. Pediatric Ophthalmology
  11. Pediatric Oncology
  12. Pediatric Gastroenterology
  13. Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  14. Pediatric Hematology