Volume 2 Issue 1

2018-12-27 Research Article

Canine Distemper Virus detection based in Hemaglutinine Gene as target in Reverse Transcriptase- Polymerase Chain Reaction

Canine Distemper have become a major concern within the veterinary clinical work. Thus, the appearance of many cases of canine distemper in adult animals with their vaccination plan up to date has alarmed veterinarians. Many cases of canine distemper have become a major concern within the clin...

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2018-11-01 Review Article

Review of Stereotactic and Neuronavigation Brain Biopsy Methods in the Dog

Objective: To perform a review of brain biopsies in the canine species and determine if it is possible to compare the stereotactic and neuronavigation results.

Method: A search was performed in NCBI’s PubMed database for stereotactic or neuron...

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2018-10-19 Review Article

Does Veterinary Science have a future in Australia?

Although the veterinary art has been practiced since antiquity, the modern era began in the 18th century with the establishment of the discipline of “Veterinary Science” at universities. In the 19th century, veterinary education began in Australia with Kendall’s private veter...

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2018-09-03 Research Article

The failure to provide an effective veterinary service to sheep in Australia

Sheep are not native to Australia and were originally imported; 44 sheep were among the animals transported from Great Britain to the penal colony established on the east coast of Terra Australis in January 1788 http://firstfleetfelowshp.org.au.

The Australian Merino…comprise...

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2018-07-23 Research Article

Livestock insurance a tool to reduce economical loss of farmers from climate change related Hazards

Climate change brings extreme events like drought, landslide, flood and anticipated more constraint to profitable livestock production causing huge economical loss in the livestock sector of the country. Deaths of livestock and damage to farms and farm infrastructure is causing a huge loss, sm...

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2018-04-09 Research Article

Effects of carazolol on electrocadiographic and trace element status in sheeps

Carazolol is a non-specific β-adrenargic reseptor blocking agent. It ıs structurally analogous to catecholamins, in that, when administered, it forms reversible bonds with β-adrenergic, however, induce adrenergic effects, and it inhibits the actions of the catecholamins in times of ...

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Recent Articles

2019-10-04 Research Article

Nebulization as complementary therapy for dogs with respiratory tract infections

Stopyra Artur*, Sobiech Przemyslaw, Pomianowski Andrzej, Zarczynska Katarzyna and Edyta Kaczorek

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