Volume 1 Issue 1

2017-12-29 Review Article

Nano-formulations for Ophthalmic Treatments

Ocular disorders encompass a multitude of diseases that are unique in their cause, therapy and degree of severity. Due to distinctive morphology of the eye, efficient ocular drug delivery has proven to be a difficult task. Current treatments of ophthalmological diseases include the usage of bo...

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2017-07-31 Editorial

Paediatric Medicines: Formulation Considerations

The use of unlicensed and off-label medicines in children is widespread and has raised an increasing concern over the last years. The majority of medicines taken by children are extemporaneously compounded by pharmacist, and there is a lack of information regarding bioavailability, suitability...

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2017-07-07 Research Article

Sense and antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides to Glun1 Nmdar are Cognitive Enhancers (Nootropics) and protective agents in normal and ischemic (Anoxic) conditions-In vitro study

Aims: Implication of modified N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDAR) in synaptic plasticity and learning was investigated in normal and pathological conditions.

Study design: We studied the efficiency of synaptic plasticity, the development of the l...

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2017-01-25 Research Article

A Further Example Showing Efficiency of a Modeling Method Based on the Theory of Dynamic Systems in Pharmacokinetics

Aims: To present a further example showing an efficiency of a modeling method based on the theory of dynamic systems in pharmacokinetics.

Study design:The goals of the current study were twofold: to present (1) a further example showing efficiency o...

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2017-01-24 Research Article

Kinematics and Electromyographic Analysis of Gait with Different Footwear

Kinematic analysis and surface electromyography are tools being used as important methods to evaluate the human gait and to analyze different types of footwear aiming modifications and adaptations to the human locomotor system, especially of the feet. The aim of the present study was to analyz...

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Recent Articles

2018-10-29 Research Article

Preclinical studies for a cationic liposome formulation containing Il-2 Intended for the treatment of Human Tumors

Maria Teresa Corona-Ortega*, Arturo Valle-Mendiola, Leonor Aguilar-Santelises, Araceli Garcia del Valle, Rosalva Rangel-Corona and Benny Weiss-Steider

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