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2021-03-25 Research Article

COVID-19 immunologic and toxicological implication: Innate immune sensor and immune escape


Related COVID-19 and new Variant and treatment like vaccine it is relevant to deeply verify the immunologic implication and in a special way regarding the innate immune sensor system and the evasion of the immune system.

This can be crucial to search for new strategies to fight this severe disease under a Toxicology-antidotes point of view.

The rapid emergence of a new variant is under study by researchers because some of these show different responses to antibodies as reported in literature (vaccine efficacy?).

In this article after a review part it is submitted a collection of hypothesis of solution to contrast COVID-19.

Spread and mortality and project hypothesis.

A new toxicological approach also in a viral respiratory disease can be a novelty to adequately fight this severe condition and this focusing not only towards specific immunity but also a specific measures.

A toxicological approach in drug- vaccine like products designing makes it possible to get the clinical outcomes needed.

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2021-03-26 Letter to the Editor

Criteria for paediatric oral liquid form

Paediatric hospitals frequently have to face the lack of commercially available medicines suitable or even licensed for their use in paediatrics. Thus, only one-third of all medicines approved by the European Medicines Agency over the period of 1995 to 2005 were licensed for use in children [1].

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