About Journal


The pharmaceutical sciences syndicate a comprehensive range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the innovating and improving new drugs and therapies. Pharmaceutical sciences can be largely classified into categories including drug discovery and design, drug delivery, drug action and clinical sciences.

Archives of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences publishes judiciously peer-reviewed manuscripts contributing significantly to further the scientific knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences. The scientific literatures published in Heighten Pharmaceutical Sciences cater the need to become more efficient, innovative and collaborative in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Reasons for Publishing

A recent analysis explored current trends and the future of the pharmaceutical sciences and concurs blazing issues such as declining productivity in research and development in pharma sector, decreasing revenues due to generic drugs and expiring patents that are not being replaced by innovative new drugs.

To address these issues, Heighten Pharmaceutical Sciences initiated to publish manuscripts discussing the imperatives to change and to increase the competitiveness and creativity in the spirit of pharmaceutical sciences.

Aim of the Journal

The aim of literatures published in Archives of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is to redefine how drugs will be developed, evaluated and manufactured. The manuscripts published in Archives of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences seeks to identify several key areas that will be essential to realize an innovative path in pharmaceutical sciences including biomarkers, clinical trials transformation Initiatives and drug safety surveillance projects.
Scope of the Journal

The Archives of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences publishes range of manuscripts encompassing emerging research areas related to improving prediction of drug safety, clinical efficacy and important components of drug discovery and development.

Archives of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences embolden the authors, scientists’ and researchers to develop manuscripts and send to us for publication, highlighting different interdisciplinary and innovative ongoing updates with academia, in the following, but not limited to, disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences:

    Cell Biology
    Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy
    Computational Chemistry
    Molecular Drug Design
    Natural Product Research
    Novel Drug Delivery
    Pharmaceutical Analysis
    pharmaceutical chemistry
    Pharmaceutical Technology
    Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry
    Pharmacy Practice
    Dosage regimen design methods
    Log dose-response method
    Minimum inhibitory concentration method
    Therapeutic window method
    Dose prediction methods
    Adjustment of dosage at steady state
    Population-based pharmacokinetic dosing
    Transdermal drug delivery
    Drug delivery
    Drug therapy
    Transdermal patch drug delivery
    General inhalational anesthesia
    Intravenous anesthesia
    General anesthesia
    Hypothermic anesthesia
    Local and regional anesthesia
    Elbow block
    Epidural block
    Femoral block
    Field block
    Nerve block
    Neuraxial block
    Neuromuscular blockade
    Paravertebral block
    Perineural block
    Pressure anesthesia
    Topical anesthesia
    Antioxidant therapy
    Antiplatelet therapy
    Cardiovascular therapy
    ACE inhibitor therapy
    Anticoagulant therapy
    Antihypertensive drug therapy
    Contraceptive therapy
    Drug administration
    Hormonal therapy
    Neurological drug therapy
    Alpha-adrenergic antagonist therapy
    Beta-adrenergic antagonist therapy
    Corticosteroid therapy
    Glucocorticoid therapy
    Adjuvant chemotherapy
    Aggressive chemotherapy
    Combination chemotherapy
    Cytotoxic chemotherapy
    High-dose chemotherapy
    Oral contraceptive therapy
    Hormone replacement therapy
    Anti-addiction drug therapy
    Antidepressant drug therapy
    Polytherapy drug treatment
    Receptor antagonist therapy
    Estrogen replacement therapy
    Nicotine replacement therapy
    Steroid therapy
    Antigen encapsulation
    Pharmaceutical processing technology
    Drug delivery system preparation
    Drug synthesis
    Therapeutic drug monitoring
    Pharmaceutical engineering
    Ayurvedic medicines
    Medicinal herbs