Volume 1 Issue 1

2017-10-11 Research Article

In silico analysis and characterization of fresh water fi sh ATPases and homology modelling

ATPases is known to be a crucial in many biological activities of organisms. In this study, physicochemical properties and modeling of ATPases protein of fish was analysed using In silico approach. ATPases a protein selected from fish species, including Gold fish (Carassius auratus auratus), Z...

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2017-08-28 Review Article

Microarray Analysis of Fish Genomic Data for enhancing Aquaculture Productivity of India

This review gives a brief introduction to the microarray technology and its experimental design and data analysis and a discussion of recent global progress in research using microarray technology in fish biology and aquaculture. DNA microarrays have been reported to have been used for the ana...

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2017-06-23 Short Communication

Function Prediction of Proteins from their Sequences with BAR 3.0

Protein functional annotation requires time and effort, while sequencing technologies are fast and cheap. For this reason, the development of software tools aimed at predicting protein function from sequences can help in protein annotation.
In this paper, we describe how to use our rec...

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