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The transnasal bilobed flap for medial canthal reconstruction

Corredor-Osorio Rafael*, Massaro-Corredor Martha Gabriela and Buitrago-Corredor Vanessa Gabriela

Published: 11/06/2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 088-091


Reconstruction of the eyelids, especially medial canthal area, is one of the greatest challenges faced by the oculoplastic, head and neck surgeons. A patient with a medial canthal defect, following oncological resection involving the medial canthus, upper and lower eyelids, and nose is presented. The defect was reconstructed using a transnasal bilobed flap. The transnasal bilobed flap is a simple and effective for medial canthal reconstruction and provides in one-time reconstruction and preserves the local anatomy.

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