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Kikuchi’s disease in a young Scandinavian woman

Sannia Mia Sveningsen Sjostedt*, Eva Hebbelstrup Rye Rasmussen, Anette Bygum and Line Kanstrup Springborg

Published: 09/20/2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 069-076


A 21 year-old woman presented with cervical lymphadenopathy and night sweats. Initially, lymphoma was suspected and one of the enlarged lymph nodes was excised in order to make a diagnosis. Histopathological examination revealed Kikuchi’s disease, which is usually a benign syndrome with spontaneous resolution. The disease is very rare, particularly in Caucasian populations. A higher incidence is seen in patients of Asian descent.

The patient had persistent swelling of cervical lymph nodes over several months and further lymph nodes were removed as malignant transformation was suspected. However examinations showed only Kikuchi’s disease. There was given no specific treatment. Follow-up appointments were performed biannually and the patient is currently awaiting removal of yet another swollen lymph node on suspicion of relapse of her Kikuchi’s disease.

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