Tuncay Delibasi

Tuncay Delibasi | Editor

Affilation: Boston Children’s Hospital, USA

I graduated from Hacettepe University Medical School, which is one of the leading academic medical centers in Turkey, in 1993. I completed my internal medicine residency in Ankara Numune Teaching and Research Hospital in 1998. I completed my endocrinology fellowship in 2003 in Ankara University, School of Medicine. I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at University of California (UCLA) department of pharmacogenomics and clinical pharmacology between 2004-2006. Then I moved to Miami as a research fellow at Miami University, Center of Pharmacogenomics and visiting in Diabetes Research Center, Islet Cell Transplantation Unit in 2006. I have been visiting at ISMETT, Islet Cell Transplantation Unit in 2008 at Palermo. Soon after returning back to Turkey, I served as a founder and clinical director of department of endocrinology and metabolism at Diskapi Teaching and Research Hospital between 2008-2015. In addition, I have also been holding professor position at Hacettepe University, School of Medicine, Department of internal medicine since 2011. I am the founder of Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine & Genomic Research and Application Center (ADACELL) accommodating at Diskapi Teaching and Research Hospital in Ankara. This center is first and currently the only center performing human islet cell isolation on regular basis for research purposes in Turkey. I was the deputy director and board member of Advanced Medical Technology Education, Application and Research Center of Hacettepe University between 2014-2015. This unit is utilized as the central laboratory of the university and also provides a platform for multidisciplinary research projects. I am currently chairman of human ethics committee and chairman of experimental animals ethics committee at Diskapi Teaching and Research Hospital.

I was a member of cellular therapies and stem cell ethics committee of Ministry of Health of Turkey between 2011-2015. This ethic committee is the only one, which evaluates all clinical human cell therapy applications in Turkey.
I am president of Ankara Diabetes Association, which has been regulating public educational activities about diabetes since 1969. I am also current president of Pancreas Islet Cell Research Society, which is the only association supports the islet cell researches in Turkey.  I am board of directors at Stem Cells and Cellular Therapy Association, which is organizing of 8th Islet Society Meeting 2016. I am currently board of trustees at Stem Cell Foundation, which is one of the most active stem cell associations of Turkey. I conducted over 20 international clinical trials as principal investigator and have been steering committee member and country coordinator in some of them.
I am currently following a Turkish family who has homozygous leptin deficiency, which is a very rare condition in the world. We were supported by NIH to study leptin biology and effects of leptin replacement therapy on these patients.

I published more than 400 journal articles, books, book chapters, and scientific presentations with more than 100 teaching presentations. I am also reviewer in many journals. Additionally, I also have more than 20 research grants about endocrine, genetic, complex diseases, obesity and stem cells.
Currently, I am visiting scientist in Harvard University to conduct a collaborative project about diabetes and obesity.

Research Interest:

Leptin biology
Leptin resistance
Leptin replacement therapy

MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of Young)
Cell therapy for type 1 diabetes mellitus