Elaine Teng-Ting LIM

Elaine Teng-Ting LIM | Editor

Affilation: Boston Children’s Hospital, USA

My training was focused on statistical genetics, where I initially developed a novel recessive test
for discovering rare variants in complex diseases (using whole-exome sequencing and
genotyping arrays), and applied the method to uncovering novel variants associated with Type 2
diabetes and autism. In addition, I explored the population genetics of rare and low-frequency
variants in a founder population (Finns), and performed GWAS on quantitative traits obtained
from the Finnish biobanks to discover the association of novel variants with various complex
diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

Research Interest

I am motivated to understand the genetics of complex and Mendelian disorders in humans, especially for neuro-developmental disorders such as autism, with the purpose of contributing genetic and molecular insights for therapeutics development. I am excited with developing novel techniques and methodologies for discovering and pursuing human genetics in diseases.