Volume 4 Issue 1

2020-12-14 Editorial

Brown fat tissue: Therapeutic potential for insulin resistance, new hopes for tomorrow

The well recognized white adipose tissue is an endocrinal organ secreting various hormones and this article simply indicates to the physiologic concepts brown fat tissues (BAT) which are extremely active endocrine organs and play various metabolic active roles in intermediate metabolism.

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2020-04-28 Review Article

Obesity Surgery in Spain


Obesity or bariatric surgery, from the Greek bari = weight and iatrein = cure) treats obesity and began in Spain in 1972. Its greatest development occurs after the foundation of SECO (Spanish Society of Obesity Surgery) in 1997. The purpose of this work is to reflect the changes that have occurred in these 47 years.

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2020-04-22 Research Article

Neuroticism and BMI: The role of genetic tendency, behavior and environment on body weight


Introduction: Recent research has explored the role that personality traits play in health and weight determination. This study extends current research by evaluating the extent to which behavior mediates the impact of neuroticism and body weight using polygenic risk as a measure of neurotic tendency.

Methods: Structural equation modelling disaggregates the effect of neurotic tendency on BMI into direct and indirect effects. Indirect effects-those transmitted through mediating health behaviors—allow for the simultaneous comparison of multiple behavioral mediators— exercise frequency, smoking intensity, sleep sufficiency and screen time.

Results: While health-related behavior-screen time, sleep, smoking and exercise-directly influence BMI, neurotic tendency showed no direct effect. The strong association between neurotic tendency and behavior, however, indicated that polygenic risk of neuroticism indirectly influenced BMI through two health related behaviors-screen time and smoking. Therefore, the relationship between neurotic disposition and BMI is transmitted through behavioral pathways rather than directly.

Conclusion: This research offers novel insight into the relationship between personality and health outcomes. If behavior manifests through personality disposition, then understanding the relationship between personality, behavior and BMI will help guide weight management interventions to focus on strategies to help manage responses to stress to elicit desired weight outcomes.

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2020-03-27 Research Article

ECHO…for a change!!


The childhood obesity is increased more than three folds in last two decades in developed world. There is nutritional transition seen in the developing world including India. The westernization in diet of the Indian population along with prosperity brings the brunt of overweight and obesity. This has future implications of liver diseases, heart diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, insulin resistance; malignancies. Mumbai is the prosperous city and an economical capital of India. Also, the rampant use junk food, common outdoor eating’s, no grounds to play for children make the high likelihood that the prevalence of obesity to be higher than rest of the country.

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Recent Articles

2021-01-19 Review Article

The review of the relationship between UCP2 and obesity: Focusing on inflammatory-obesity

Sara Moradi, Yaser Khaje-Bishak, Maedeh Alipour, Mohamadreza Alivand* and Beitullah Alipour*

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2020-03-27 Research Article

ECHO…for a change!!

Manish Motwani*, Rajeev Palvia, Bhavesh Nanda, Mahek Motwani, Bhakti Chaubal, Jyoti Kesarkar, Bhakti Mange and Sneha Shukla

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2018-12-04 Research Article

Dietary and Lifestyles assessment among Obese Women in Gaza City, Palestine

Marwan O Jalambo*, Basil Kanoa, Mohammed S Ellulu, Smaher Younis and Mueen El-Kariri

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