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2021-01-19 Review Article

The review of the relationship between UCP2 and obesity: Focusing on inflammatory-obesity


Obesity is rising worldwide, and the inflammatory disease increased in parallel. Many studies demonstrate excess fat mass is an indicator of obesity. As much as lipid increased in the cell, ROS production increased. On the other hand, ROS could enhance lipid storage and increased adiposity. So obesity and inflammation have a reciprocal relationship. Uncoupling protein2 (UCP2) could control the metabolism of energy, adipose tissue, and weight management. Also, UCP2 decreased ROS, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Therefore, as metabolism-related to oxidative stress and inflammatory status, and by considering the modulatory contribution of UCP2 in inflammation; it seems UCP2 could link obesity and inflammation. This study aims to review the studies about the association between UCP2 and obesity focusing on the inflammatory process linked to ROS. In conclusion, as the results contradict the association between UCP2 as the center of metabolism and obesity, obesity-related hormones, and oxidative stress, further studies in human trials are recommended.

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2021-04-26 Review Article

Could apple cider vinegar be used for health improvement and weight loss?


This non-systematic review outlines the current knowledge concerning provenance, chemical composition and properties of apple cider vinegar, its general health effects, as well as the currently available knowledge concerning its action on fat storage, physiological mechanisms of its effects, as well as its safety and recommended dosage for treatment of obesity.

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