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Vascular surgery and medicine focuses on diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive care of patients with diseases of the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems. The specialty evolved from general and cardiac surgery as well as minimally invasive techniques pioneered by interventional radiology.

Archives of Vascular Medicine is a high-impact journal concocting and publishing painstakingly peer-reviewed manuscripts on the discoveries, developments and interventions in the field of vascular surgery and medicine.

The manuscripts published in Archives of Vascular Medicine are uniquely poised to provide knowledge and contribute insights to the scientific foundation of the vascular surgery specialty.

Reasons for Publishing

The credibility and standing of vascular surgery in the medical and surgical community is directly proportional to the quality and number of research contributions by vascular surgeons. A paradigm shift has occurred in recent decades in the treatment of vascular diseases. Diseases once treated exclusively by traditional open surgery are now increasingly being approached via percutaneous and hybrid techniques.

Therefore, Archives of Vascular Medicine initiated publishing manuscripts that can bring forth different provocative issues to enhance patient care, training and research in the various dimensions of vascular surgery and allied medicines.

Archives of Vascular Medicine also seek to publish stuffs on management of risk factors that should be optimized to control the progression of vascular disease conditions.

Aims of the Journal

Archives of Vascular Medicine aims to publish a comprehensive array of manuscripts encompassing treatment plans, conservative management, causes and risk factors approaches towards vascular diseases.

The manuscripts published in Archives of Vascular Medicine strives to enhance experience and knowledge in the management of vascular patients with specific emphasis on issues and problems in vascular surgery.

Scope of the Journal

The scope of Archives of Vascular Medicine comprehends in publishing and exhibiting compassion and commitment in augmenting proficiency in vascular surgery and medicine. With this spirit, Archives of Vascular Medicine encourages healthcare professionals, researchers and all the individuals associated with the reverting field of vascular surgery and medicine to create manuscripts and publish with us in the following, but not limited to, perspectives:

  1. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  2. Aortic aneurysms
  3. Arteriosclerosis
  4. Blood Clot Symptoms
  5. Brain Aneurysm Symptoms
  6. Carotid Artery
  7. Carotid artery disease
  8. Carotid stenting
  9. Diabetic ulcers
  10. Endovascular surgery
  11. Femoral aneurysms
  12. Femoral Artery
  13. Hemodialysis
  14. Hypotension
  15. Ischemic Heart Disease
  16. Ischemic nephropathy
  17. Lymphedema
  18. Mesenteric ischemia
  19. Occlusive disease
  20. Peripheral arterial disease
  21. Peripheral Vascular Disease
  22. Renal artery disease
  23. Renal stents
  24. Vascular Dementia
  25. Vascular surgery
  26. Vein ablations
  27. Venous insufficiency
  28. Venous reconstructive surgery
  29. Venous stasis