Volume 1 Issue 1

2017-11-21 Research Article

Safety and effectiveness of laparoscopic management in 210 patients with erosion of adjustable Gastric banding

Background: The band erosion (BE) is defined as the partial or complete movement towards the lumen of the stomach, is also known as migration, gastric incorporation and gastric inclusion. The presentation of this complication involves failure of bariatric procedures being inef...

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2017-11-14 Case Report

New era of liver transplantation for HIV-HCV Co-infected patients: A case report

Morbidity and mortality of HIV-infected patients have been improved over the last decades with the advent of combined antiretroviral therapy. As a result, other comorbidities such as chronic kidney and chronic liver diseases have emerged in the HIV population. A considerable percentage of end-...

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2017-10-24 Research Article

Thirty days post-operative complications after Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass and Mini Gastric Bypass/one Anastomosis Gastric Bypass. Analysis of the Italian Society for Bariatric Surgery and Metabolic Disorders (S.I.C.OB.) database of 7 years time frame

Background: To date, the scientific community has mainly focused on outcomes of obesity surgery such as weight loss and resolution of associated complications. Adverse post-operative events and reoperation rates have been poorly reported even if they are a marker of surgical s...

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2017-10-20 Commentary

Comments for the Nuremberg Code 70 Years Later

The story of Nuremberg code in human experiments was evolved by a 70-year old historical link, aiming to provide an alert message for scientists in case of nonprovisional disaster caused by immoral human experiment. It played a safeguard role standing on the front line [1].

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2017-10-10 Research Article

Laparoscopic partial nephrectomydoes tumor profi le infl uence the operative performance?

Introduction: Laparoscopic approach is emerging as a standard of care approach for management of masses amenable to partial nephrectomy. Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy is a challenging surgery and its successful performance depends on various factors. We aim to evaluate the ...

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2017-09-15 Case Report

Dieulafoy’s Lesion related massive Intraoperative Gastrointestinal Bleeding during single Anastomosis Gastric Bypass necessitating total Gastrectomy: A Case Report

Introduction: Immediate postoperative gastrointestinal bleeding following bariatric bypass surgery is a major complication, and usually results from staple line hemorrhage or conventional gastro-esophageal causes. Dieulafoy`s lesion is a rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding...

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2017-08-28 Letter to the Editor

The revolution of cardiac surgery evolution Running head: Cardiac surgery evolution

From the First case of primitive cardiac surgery (CS), treatment of stab wound of the heart (Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, 1893), to recent surgical procedures and device implantations for end-stage heart failure (HF), the CS has grown and emerged in the public health more and more [1].


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2017-08-18 Review Article

Surgery and new Pharmacological strategy in some atherosclerotic chronic and acute conditions

In actual pharmacological therapy we can see that some drugs can be added to other medical instruments to improve their activity: in example we can see medicated stent for some coronary disease, or hormonal medical devices used in pregnancy prevention, but other example are known today. In exa...

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2017-08-04 Research Article

Use of Orthodeoxia by pulse Oximetry in the detection of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome

Chronic Hepatic deficiency due to the ingestion of alcohol remains as one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in our country. From it a variety of complications arise, one of them is the Hepatopulmonary Syndrome, which usually goes unnoticed and undiagnosed; this syndrome is distingu...

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2017-06-27 Research Article

Clinical significance of Urinary Amylase in Acute Pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis forms a major bulk of our inpatient admission due to gall stone disease. Diagnosis of acute pancreatitis remains a challenge even now. Serum amylase remains the most commonly used biochemical marker for its diagnosis but its sensitivity can be reduced by late presentation, h...

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2017-03-27 Case Report

Intestinal obstruction complicated by large Morgagni hernia

Morgagni hernia represents 2-4% of congenital diaphragmatic hernias. Only one-third of them are symptomatic, due to the hernia of abdominal viscera in the thoracic cavity, causing respiratory and digestive problems, some of them serious ones, such as intestinal obstruction. Acute presentation ...

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2017-01-03 Case Report

Bouveret Syndrome in an Elderly Female

Introduction: A gastric outlet obstruction secondary to a gallstone ileus is known as Bouveret syndrome. Herein we present a case of an elderly woman with an impacted gallstone in duodenum and discuss its’ management.

Patient description: A 96...

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2017-01-02 Review Article

Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy; A Short Summary with Review of Literature

We present a review article on adrenal glands, with a special reference to their anatomy, physiology, evaluation, laparoscopic operative techniques with a short summary of review of literature.

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Recent Articles

2019-10-18 Case Report

Anterior Abdominal Wall Abscess: An unusual presentation of Carcinoma of the Colon

Keerthana Panchagnula, Poojitha Yalla, Badareesh Lakshminarayana*, Kshama Hegde and Ramesh Singaraddi

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2019-09-06 Review Article

Extremely large hemangioma of the liver: Safety of the expectant management

Subhi Mansour, Sharbel Khouri, Maisa Andraous and Safi Khuri*

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2019-08-26 Case Report

Carotid artery disease: AngioCT features

Joana Ferreira*, Olinda Miranda, Alexandre Lima Carneiro, Sandrina Braga, Joao Correia Simoes, Celso Carrilho, Amílcar Mesquita and Jorge Cotter

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2019-07-26 Review Article

Subungual exostosis: Pediatric aspects

Mohamed Anouar Dendane, Achraf El Bakkaly*, Zakaria Alami Hassani and Abdelouahed Amrani

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2019-07-22 Research Article

ROGAVF STUDY 2019 - Relationship of HbA1C (GLYCEMIC Control) on outcomes of AV FISTULAS: A prospective observational study

Premjeet Singh*, Zainal Ariffin, Hafizan Tajri, Azim Md Idris, Lenny Suryati and Lily Sofida

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2019-07-19 Review Article


Shapovalov KA, Shapovalova LA

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