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Volume 1 Issue 1

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    Review Article
    Published: 05/16/2017 | Pages: 1(1): 031-033

    Caring Difficulties of Parents’ Towards Children with Cerebral Palsy

    Melike Ertem*

    Children with cerebral palsy may have one or more of mental, psychomotor, visual, audio or speech problems. Not being a well-defined disease with clear boundaries, it is regarded as a set of conditions caused by various reasons. In this regard, children with CP have to depend on their families or caregivers and cope with physical, mental, social and economic problems due to their condition. 

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    Case Report
    Published: 03/27/2017 | Pages: 1(1): 020-030

    Dealing with Depression in Family Caregivers

    Wai Hing HUI-CHOI*

    Aims and objectives: By reporting the use of therapeutic nursing interventions to facilitate the process of change in a depressive elderly caregiver, this paper seeks to underline the importance of fi tting interventions to individual clients.

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    Research Article
    Published: 01/27/2017 | Pages: 1(1): 013-020

    The Outcome of an ADHD Parenting Group Training Programme (APEG) In the Peterborough Neurodevelopmental Service (NDs)

    Hani Ayyash*, Michael O Ogundele, Ruth Wisbey, Emma Weisblatt, Lorraine Cuff and Venkat Reddy

    ADHD is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder in children and adolescents with prevalence ranging between 5% and 12% in developed countries. There is ample evidence that carefully structured enhanced behavioural parenting programmes are useful in the management of ADHD.

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    Review Article
    Published: 01/09/2017 | Pages: 1(1): 001-012

    A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Assessment and Management of Pre-school Age Neuro-developmental Disorders: A Local Experience

    Michael O Ogundele*

    Background: Early and effective identification of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders remains a critical task of all pediatric healthcare professionals, which is critical to the well-being of children and their families.

    Methods: A retrospective review of medical records of all preschool children referred to a Child Development Centre (CDC) in North-West England, over a six-month period between Sept 2014 and Feb 2015 was conducted. The local multi-professional approach to the clinical assessment and management of preschool children was described and the published literature on this topic was reviewed.

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