Volume 1 Issue 1

2017-10-11 Opinion

Practical implementation of the SWEEP-session of Stimulation- Registration in CI fitting

Levels of electrically evoked stapedial reflex thresholds (eESRTs) are frequently used as most comfortable levels (MCL) in cochlear implant fitting. The problem of routine one-channel-technique of reflexometry is long duration of this procedure. In order to “compress the time” we s...

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2017-07-21 Research Article

Changes in the frequency and intensity of Tinnitus using the Suppressive Noise Spectrum

Objective: To report findings of improvement in patient tinnitus intensity and changes in frequency using a novel suppressive noise spectrum.

Design: Single-subject; each subject served as his or her own control. Each patient received treatment, and...

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2017-06-27 Research Article

A possible Etiology and new treatment of Burning Mouth Syndrome and allied condition

Introduction: Burning mouth syndrome, oral sub mucous fibrosis, leukoplakia, etc are the different manifestations of a common disease as per the surmise of various authors. There is no known cause and no specific treatment. Attempt is made in this study to find a cause and if ...

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Recent Articles

2019-09-19 Research Article

Prevalence of disabling hearing loss in the elderly

Letícia Raquel Baraky Vasconcelos, Paula Ferraz Rodrigues, Paula Liziero Tavares and Audryo Oliveira Nogueira*

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