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2019-04-26 Review Article

Topical Management of chronic rhinosinusitis - A literature review

Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is an inflammatory condition involving nasal passages and the paranasal sinuses for 12 weeks or longer [1]. It can be subdivided into three types: CRS with nasal polyposis (CRS with NP), CRS without nasal polyposis (CRS without NP), and Allergic fungal rhinosinusit...

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2019-07-12 Research Article

Feasibility study on the evaluation of the effect of narrow-band CEChirp ASSR in the hearing fi eld after hearing aid in hearingimpaired children

Objective Study: Whether the narrow-band CE-Chirp ASSR test in the sound field is an objective evaluation method for the hearing aid compensation effect, and whether there is a difference in children with different hearing loss levels.


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2019-09-19 Research Article

Prevalence of disabling hearing loss in the elderly

Introduction: Disabling hearing loss refers to hearing thresholds superior than 40 dB in the better ear in the adults. The main cause of hearing loss in the elderly is the age-related hearing loss, also called presbycusis. This type of hearing impairment occurs as individuals ...

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